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LG fixes frame skipping, HDR10 tracking on B6 OLED in latest firmware

04 Nov 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG has released a firmware update to fix two important bugs on the B6 OLED. The TV no longer has issues with frame skipping on UHD Blu-ray and improves HDR10 PQ tracking, according to HDTVTest.

Frame skipping & HDR10 tracking

New TV firmware is released all the time. Most of the time new firmware contains boring bug fixes but LG’s latest 04.30.50 firmware has some very nice updates in the picture quality department.

While reviewing the LG B6 OLED, the most affordable 2016 OLED, our friends over at HDTVTest found that the new firmware first and foremost fixes an issue relating to frame skipping while playing UHD Blu-ray movies. This bug did not affect the C6, E6, and G6 OLED models that use a different chipset.

- “Firmware 04.30.50 eradicated the frame skipping, so slow panning shots in 24fps HDR material would proceed smoothly (well, as smooth as 24p allowed) without interruption from stuttering”, says HDTVTest.

The new firmware also fixes PQ EOTF tracking, or in other words how bright/dark HDR10 content is reproduced. This issue (or more likely, decision) also affected LG’s other OLED TVs to some extent.

- “Imagine our joy when we discovered that firmware version 04.30.50 yielded PQ EOTF tracking that’s more faithful to the current HDR10 standard on our LG B6 review unit.”

Additionally, LG has improved the TruMotion controls with finer, half-step adjustments.

LG 2016 OLED

Still no HDR game mode

Some had expected the update to introduce a HDR game mode but it is a no-show for now. LG has not commented publicly on the matter.

Lastly, HDTVTest highlights that LG B6 uses a chipset from Realtek (RTD2999) while the other 2016 OLED TVs use LG’s in-house chipset (LG1312). That may explain why the B6 has higher input lag than the rest of the line-up.

Head over to HDTVTest for the full story / review. The 04.30.50 firmware update is available to download now.

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