Vevo, the music video service, revamps its tvOS app

19 May 2017 | Rasmus Larsen |

Music video service Vevo has reimagined its app on Apple tvOS with curated playlists, artist stations, animated thumbnails, a new bottom menu, and much more. The app is also coming to Roku, FireTV, PS4, Smart TVs & game consoles.

A modern music video service

Vevo may be best known for its YouTube channel but the company is trying to break free and get people to use its dedicated app. With the new tvOS app there are lots of reasons to do exactly that.

The revamped tvOS app for Apple TV is the first example of how Vevo imagines the future of music. The app makes it far easier to discover new music videos with features like curated playlists and artist stations. Thumbnails are also animated to give you a better idea of what you about to watch and listen to.

Vevo Apple TV

- “Music videos became a cultural phenomenon through the power and reach of television over the last thirty years,” said Erik Huggers, CEO, Vevo. “In recent years, this platform has lacked the rich and immersive experience that a new generation of viewers demand from their connected devices. With Vevo for tvOS, we’ve created an environment that allows the music video to shine once again on the big screen, with an intuitive user interface and new levels of personalization and control.”

While watching a music video you can press the Siri remote and see a list of other music videos in the playlist without interrupting playback.

Vevo Apple TV

23 billion views a month

Vevo says that it now has 23 billion music video views per month in the countries where it operates (far from all countries).

A larger slice of those views are watched on TV displays via Smart TVs, streaming boxes such as Apple TV, and game consoles. Today, Apple TV users are the first to get the new Vevo experience but the company has more updates planned.

Over the coming months, Vevo will roll out the new features in an update for Roku, Smart TVs, FireTV, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Key features – in Vevo’s own words

New design and layout that gets you to playlists and videos you’ll love and into an immersive, lean-back experience as soon as you open the app.
Artist stations to fit your tastes and moods.
The ability to browse while listening to a playlist or artist station or video, with our unique “peek-inside-playlist” UI that allows you to preview what’s inside a playlist.
Programming curated by our in-house editorial team that’s perfect for the time of day and the big events and holidays.
Completely localized playlist experience by genre and market.
An experience that evolves with you; the more you use Vevo, the more personalized the experience will become.
Fluid playlist controls that enable you to navigate through a playlist without exiting to a static details page.
The ability to curate your Vevo, with just a couple of taps necessary to add a video you like to your favorites section or to one of your playlists.
A genres section that allows you to browse the top videos, trending artists and most recent playlists for the genres you prefer.

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