Dolby Cinema reaches 100-title milestone: "More than any other premium format"

19 Jun 2017 | Rasmus Larsen |

With the announcement of a new slate of titles coming to Dolby Cinema, the number of movies that combine Dolby Vision with Dolby Atmos has reached 100. All major Hollywood studios support the company’s next-gen formats.

100 Dolby Cinema titles

Dolby continues to strengthen its role in the movie ecosystem from the editing studios in Hollywood to the cinema and the home. To make it possible the company has combined Dolby Atmos, an object-based audio format, with Dolby Vision, a premium HDR (High Dynamic Range) video format.

Those two technologies are brought together in Dolby Cinema. All major Hollywood studios are backing the initiative, releasing many big-name movies in the two formats. Since the start a little over two years ago, 100 Dolby Cinema titles have been announced (but not yet screened), the company has announced ahead of CineEurope.

The company reached the 100-title milestone for Dolby Atmos on March 24, 2014
- "Reaching the 100th announced title for Dolby Cinema is a tremendous accomplishment that couldn’t have been achieved without the support from the directors and filmmakers who want to use the best technology for their storytelling,” said Doug Darrow, Senior Vice President, Cinema Business Group, Dolby Laboratories.

The 100-title milestone for Dolby Vision, which was launched in January 2014, happened not long ago. Besides movies in the cinema, Netflix and Amazon have released movies in Dolby Vision. The company reached the 100-title milestone for Dolby Atmos on March 24, 2014. The audio format was launched in April 2012.

If anyone was still in doubt, the milestone should put a thick line under the fact that Dolby is enjoying strong momentum in the AV space. By controlling key technologies from grading to screening, the company can encourage more partners to adopt its formats and continue to stay ahead of its competitors.

Dolby Vision is a proprietary HDR format as opposed to the open and royalty-free HDR10. The company argues that by using dynamic metadata it can improve picture quality compared to HDR10. Both formats dramatically expand the dynamic range and are based on the much wider Rec.2020 color space. Besides Dolby, IMAX is trying to make HDR possible in cinema.

Dolby Vision and Atmos are also available in the living room. Besides soundbars and AVRs with Atmos, LG is the first brand to combine the video and audio formats in TVs with the release of the 2017 OLED TVs (B7, C7, E7, G7 and W7).

Dolby Cinema

44 titles confirmed for 2017

The company says that 44 titles have been confirmed for 2017, which is “more than any other premium format”. It has also announced a list of upcoming movies in Dolby Cinema, meaning titles with Dolby Vision and Atmos.

- “In 2017 we announced 44 Dolby Cinema titles, more than any other premium format, which is a testament to the ongoing commitment from Hollywood and studios around the world to deliver the best experience to the cinema.”

Most of these movies are expected to also be released on disc or via streaming. The first Dolby Vision UHD Blu-ray discs were released this month. Amazon, Netflix, and Vudu are also offering movies and TV series in the premium format.

The list of future releases includes ‘Cars 3’, ’Dunkirk’, ’Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, ‘Blade Runner 2049’, ‘Justice League’, and ’Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’. A full list is included below.

Upcoming Dolby Cinema titles

Disney•Pixar, Cars 3, June 16, 2017
Paramount Pictures, Transformers: The Last Knight, June 21, 2017
Tristar Pictures/MRC, Baby Driver, June 28, 2017
Illumination Entertainment/Universal Pictures, Despicable Me 3, June 30, 2017
Columbia Pictures, Spider-Man™: Homecoming, July 7, 2017
Twentieth Century Fox, War for the Planet of the Apes, July 14, 2017
STX Entertainment, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, July 21, 2017
Warner Bros. Pictures, Dunkirk, July 21, 2017
Focus Features, Atomic Blonde, July 28, 2017
Columbia Pictures/MRC, The Dark Tower, August 4, 2017
New Line Cinema, Annabelle: Creation, August 11, 2017
Warner Bros. Pictures, Happy Family, August 24, 2017 (Germany)
New Line Cinema, IT, September 8, 2017
Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow Pictures/LEGO System A/S, The LEGO® NINJAGO Movie, September 22, 2017
Twentieth Century Fox, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, September 22, 2017
Columbia Pictures, Flatliners, September 29, 2017
Columbia Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures/Alcon Entertainment, Blade Runner 2049, October 6, 2017
Columbia Pictures, Granite Mountain Hotshots, October 20, 2017
Warner Bros. Pictures, Justice League, November 17, 2017
Focus Features, Darkest Hour, November 22, 2017
Columbia Pictures, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, December 20, 2017
Warner Bros. Pictures, Horse Soldiers, January 19, 2018

- Source: Dolby

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