Philips unveils its first quantum dot LCD TV range with 8602

04 Sep 2017 | Rasmus Larsen |

At IFA 2017, Philips unveiled this year’s 8 series. The new 8602 range is the company’s first quantum dot-enhanced LCD TV. It also features Ambilight and Android TV.

UHD Premium certified

8602 is a range of high-end LCD TVs, only surpassed by Philips’ 9 series OLED TVs. It ticks all the boxes that you would expect from a Philips TV in 2017.

8602 will not be sold as a ”QLED TV”, the company said, but it incorporates the same quantum dot technology as Samsung and TCL’s latest models. Philips is not part of the QLED Alliance either. Nevertheless, Philips is excited about the improvements that quantum dot technology can bring to table. Compared to the other LCD ranges in Philips’ 2017 line-up, 8602 offers higher peak brightness and a wider color gamut.

Philips 8602

- ”Depending on their size, each Quantum Dot will emit a different coloured light – red, green, or blue – when white light is shone on them. The additional light from the Quantum Dots boosts the overall output of the LED backlight, while also enhancing colour saturation and the viewing angle of the panel,” the company said.

8602 will be available in 55 and 65-inch sizes and is powered by the P5 video processor that was introduced earlier this year in the 9 series flagship models. It also features 3-sided Ambilight – top, left and right – and a soundbar underneath the LCD panel.

Ambilight has in recent years been expanded in a number of ways and can today pulsate to the beat when playing music from Spotify, integrate with Philips HUE, dynamically adapt to the colors on-screen, and be set to static ambient colored light. Philips will soon release an 'AmbiSmart' app that lets you customize Ambilight from your smartphone.

Philips 8602

Like all other Philips TVs in Europe, 8602 is based on Google’s Android TV operating system that has steadily improved after a rough start. It offers access to Netflix, YouTube, and many other apps. It also has Chromecast built-in.

Android TV in 8602 runs version 6.0 and will later be updated to version 7.0. Philips has yet to comment on its plans for Android 8.0 – or Android Oreo – that has a revamped user interface.

Philips 8602 will be available in 55 and 65-inch sizes later this year. Pricing was not announced.

Philips 8602

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