Loewe: Modular "wallpaper OLED" concepts

05 Sep 2017 | Rasmus Larsen |

At IFA 2017, Loewe showcased 3 concepts based on the unique “wallpaper OLED”, of which 2 were placed on a stand. Speakers were separated from the TV, which had an external connection hub that could control up to two TVs at home.

Loewe OLED X

German Loewe already offers a comprehensive line-up of OLED TVs. The company is now exploring how to turn LG.Display’s ultra-thin “wallpaper OLED” panel into a consumer product.

At the IFA show in Berlin, the company showcased 3 concepts labeled ‘OLED X’, designed by Bodo Sperlein. One was mounted on the wall – like LG’s W7 “wallpaper OLED” – while the two others were placed on table / floor stands.

Loewe OLED X

Loewe OLED X

Because all ports and control boards have been relocated to an external box, the OLED panel is almost paper-thin and attaches only with the use of magnets. The two freestanding TVs had wool on the back.

- ”The future of television is breathtakingly delicate. The ultra-flat screen has an almost floating quality. The modular design concept with individual components – OLED displays, features and soundbar – can be mixed and matched,” the company said.

Loewe added that all three are concepts but fully functional. Besides the video demos, FlatpanelsHD saw TV channels and apps playing on the TVs.

Loewe OLED X

A single cable

The electronics hub was hidden inside a wooden box to which all cables were connected. The TVs had no built-in speakers – you had to connect external speakers to the box. The TVs could also connect to Loewe’s wireless audio platform.

The box is technically capable of powering two OLED panels at the same time, a spokesperson said. Power and video data run through the same cabling; a flat fabric cable, as seen below.

All three TVs were 65-inch models. LG.Display also produces the wallpaper OLED panel in a 77-inch format.

Loewe OLED X

Modular TVs

The three concepts were meant to demonstrate how the ultra-thin and light “wallpaper OLED” panel can enable modular TV solutions. “Mix and match” TV and sound, as Loewe said.

Samsung has also started to move at least a portion of the controller components into a separate box but this solution is based on conventional LCD technology, which means that the actual TV is still rigid and quite heavy.

Loewe refrained from talking about its long-term plans but over the years the company has showcased several concepts at IFA, some of which have later launched on the consumer market in tweaked form.

Loewe is currently trying to bounce back after a painful course of events that saw the company file for bankruptcy protection. It has identified OLED display technology as a key technology to regain its strength and has already launched several TV ranges based on it – from bild 3 to bild 9.

Loewe OLED X

Loewe OLED X

Loewe OLED X

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