Logitech offers Harmony Link owners a free Hub after backlash

10 Nov 2017 | Rasmus Larsen |

In response to backlash from users following the decision to brick all Harmony Link products in March 2018, Logitech has said that it will replace the soon-to-be bricked Link with the Harmony Hub successor free of charge.

Logitech wants ”to make it right”

It took an angry mob and lots of media attention but Logitech now says that ”we heard you and we want to make it right” . The company has decided to deactivate all functions of the Harmony Link by shutting down the cloud service that enabled them in the first place.

The company initially offered affected customers a 35% discount when replacing Harmony Link with the Harmony Hub successor. After the backlash, Logitech has now vowed to replace all owners’ Harmony Link products with a Harmony Hub free of charge.

- ”If you are a Harmony Link user, we will reach out to you between now and March 2018 to make arrangements to replace your Link with a free Harmony Hub, a product with similar app-based remote control features to Link, with the added benefit of controlling many popular connected home devices plus, it works with popular voice assistants,” the company wrote

Harmony HubHarmony Hub (right)

Customers who had already taken advantage of the offer to get a 35% discount on the purchase will get a full refund.

- ”Additionally, Harmony Link customers that have already redeemed their 35% discount on a Harmony Hub will also be refunded the full amount they paid for the replacement.”

Logitech has published a FAQ to explain why it felt compelled to brick all Harmony Link products.

It is an unfortunate case that brings to attention one of the disadvantages of buying a product that relies solely on the cloud to function. Luckily, this one case had a happy ending.

Harmony Link FAQ – in Logitech’s words:

Q: Why can't you just patch the product or extend the license?
We made the business decision to end the support and services of the Harmony Link when the encryption certificate expires in the spring of 2018 - we would be acting irresponsibly by continuing the service knowing its potential/future vulnerability. Our system shows this product, which was last sold by Logitech in fall of 2015, had a small active user base. We're now reaching out to all affected customers to provide an option for replacement.
Q: Are you censoring the words "class action lawsuit" in your Logitech Forum?
Our intention is to ensure our forums help our customers when they need support. This includes keeping the conversation productive by monitoring the language used and automatically blocking profanity or personal attacks. This is common practice. The words “class action lawsuit” were blocked as our Community Terms of Use do not allow solicitation, including legal solicitation. We have unblocked the terms and are reviewing our list of blocked terms.
Q: Did you have a ‘fire sale’ of Harmony Link product recently?
No, we did not. It is possible, some people may have confused this with a sale for our Harmony Hub product.
Q: Does this affect other Harmony products?
No, this is in reference to Harmony Link.
- Source: Logitech

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