Best of CES 2018

12 Jan 2018 | Torben R, Rasmus L |

It is hard to pick just one but our ’Best of CES 2018’ goes to Samsung’s The Wall, the first microLED TV. We also loved LG’s 8K and rollable OLEDs, Sony’s 8K HDR prototype, and Samsungs MFA-based TV.

Winner: Samsung The Wall

It is not everyday that we get to see novel display technology. Samsung has been touting QLED as ”the next big thing” but right now it is just conventional LCD. Samsung’s The Wall on the other hand is exactly that. It is based on microLED display technology.

The Wall measures 146 inches in size and has been built from modules. It features 4K resolution so Samsung clearly still has a lot of work to do in order to slim down the individual microLEDs but this represents an important first step in commercializing microLED displays.

Samsung The Wall wins our ’Best of CES 2018’.


It was very hard to pick just one and it was a narrow win for Samsung. In fact, there were more exciting displays at CES 2018 than usual.

The 4 other displays that we seriously considered were:
  • Sony’s 10000-nits 8K HDR LCD prototype
  • LG Display’s rollable 65” OLED TV
  • LG Display’s 8K OLED TV
  • Samsung’s 8K MFA-based LCD TV

    The race is on. LCD is still alive and kicking, OLED is just getting started, and microLED is emerging as a third display technology. Exciting times.

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