Sony showcases huge 8K microLED display

13 Apr 2018 | Rasmus Larsen |

At the NAB show in Las Vegas, Sony showcased its latest development in microLED display technology. The enormous “Crystal LED” display features 8K resolution.

Modular microLED display

The display measures almost 10 meters in width and 5.5 meters in height, which translates to 440 inches diagonally (in 16:9 aspect ratio). It is built up from smaller microLED modules that together form a giant display without obvious seams.

Sony says that the “Crystal LED” display – Sony’s marketing term for microLED technology – has 8K x 4K resolution, meaning four times as many pixels as your brand new 4K TV. It also has extremely deep blacks and a peak brightness of around 1,000 nits (1,000,000:1 contrast ratio). FlatpanelsHD was not on spot at NAB to experience it but our colleagues over at Display Daily said the following:

- “For me the biggest impression was the 8Kx4K (32’ x 18’ - 9.75 x 5.5m) CLED display. This is an RGB microLED video wall solution that was not only massive but showed incredible images – most of the time. I say most of the time because content that was shot at 24 or 30 fps showed huge amounts of judder when viewed close up. It decreased a bit with distance, but was still noticeable.”

So is this some wild futuristic dream? Not at all, says Sony. If you tune in to Fox Sports’ coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in two months from now you will actually have a chance to see the screen (through your own tiny, tiny TV) as part of Fox Sports’ studio.

- “We chose the Sony Crystal LED product because of its remarkable clarity and brightness,” Kevin Callahan of Fox Sports told NewscastStudio.

Sony 8K microLED displayPicture credit: Display Daily

Also intended for cinema

Sony actually demonstrated a consumer TV based on the technology back in 2012 but it was never launched. The Japanese company is far from alone in developing microLED display technology. Apple, LG, Samsung and others are also researching and developing microLED displays.

Samsung is planning to launch its 146-inch 4K ‘The Wall’ on the consumer market later this year and has started offering large-size LED displays to theatres. Sony is focusing on the professional market but also has its eyes set on the theatrical market. Sony’s 8K microLED display will be exhibited in two weeks from now at annual CinemaCon show – also in Las Vegas.

At NAB 2018, Sony also unveiled its new UHC-8300 broadcast camera that is capable of shooting video in 8K resolution at 120 frames per second.

- Source: Sony, Display Daily, NewscastStudio

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