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Philips & Georg Jensen team up to design and create TVs

07 Sep 2018 | Rasmus Larsen |

TP Vision (Philips in Europe) and Georg Jensen have worked together to design and create the Philips PUS9104 that will be launched in spring 2019.

Sneak-peek of Philips PUS9104

The two companies explain that they have come together based on “their love for light” as well as the use of high-quality and real materials. The result is the Philips PUS9104 range that will be available in 55 and 65-inch sizes.

The design collaboration was announced at IFA 2018 where the companies gave the audience a sneak peek of the new TVs. It will, of course, feature Ambilight but also have some unique details.

- ”With the luminous Ambilight, the polished steel and the smooth glass, the Philips 9104 now brings these elements together,” explains TP Vision who is responsible for the Philips TV brand in Europe. “The tapering feet of the 9104 are a reference to the design of the classic Georg Jensen products for the home and convey a special lightness with their slim silhouette. In addition, the two brands Philips and Georg Jensen are discreetly engraved on the top of the feet.“

 Philips and Georg Jensen

PUS9104 will be part of the 2019 Philips TV line-up. It is based on a 4K IPS LCD panel and the P5 video processor. It is also equipped with a 50W speaker system and Google’s Android TV platform, with Oreo pre-installed. The remote control will be made from polished steel with visible branding from both companies.

The TV maker used the opportunity to highlight its European roots, saying that European design traditions characterize every Philips TV. Denmark’s Georg Jensen has a long tradition of craftsmanship, especially in silver and polished steel. The company added that the “light of the blue hours” in Denmark influences a lot of the Georg Jensen designs.

- “The bottom bar of the TV is in fine polished steel, while the other edges are made of glass and so emphasize the Ambilight effect. The noble design also includes the back of the 9104, which is also partially made of glass. From the color palette of Georg Jensen comes the matte blue color of the housing for the connections and main components,” the company added.

 Philips and Georg Jensen

What is a Philips TV?

The collaboration is one of several in the Philips camp and it begs the question: How much of a Philips TV is a Philips TV nowadays? The Philips TV brand has been licensed to TP Vision, while the display panels are sourced mainly from LG.Display. The Android operating system is being developed Google and sound is now tuned being tuned by B&W. Georg Jensen will now bring its touch to the visual design side of things.

Of course, not all of these elements come together in the PUS9104, and Ambilight is classic Philips. The counterargument would be that it is difficult to be an expert at all things. By bringing respected experts in from other fields, Philips may be able to create a better product. At least for now, it seems to be working. After some rough years, Philips is once again showing strength in the European TV market.

PUS9104 is the first result of the design collaboration with Georg Jensen. The companies have not said whether it is a one-time thing or long-term effort. PUS9104 will launch in the spring of 2019 in 55 and 65-inch sizes. Pricing was not announced.

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