2018 TV Shootout to be held September 23

13 Sep 2018 | Rasmus Larsen |

The 14th annual TV Shootout where attendees will select this year’s ‘King of TV’ will be held on September 23. The event will be webcast live. Four TVs will compete.

2018 TV Shootout

AV retailer Value Electronics will once again host the annual TV Shootout event. Four TVs from LG, Samsung, and Sony will be vying for the 2018 crown. There are two OLED TVs and two LCD TVs.

The four TVs are:
  • LG OLED65E8PUA (~3500 USD)
  • Samsung QN75Q9FN (~4500 USD)
  • Sony XBR-65A9F (~4500 USD)
  • Sony XBR-75Z9F (~6000 USD)

     2018 TV Shootout

    The objective of the shootout is to find the “best TVs in each of the attributes of picture quality”. The TVs will be calibrated by David Abrams, DeWayne Davis, and John Reformato, supervised by Tyler Pruitt from SpectraCal, and will be visually matched to the white point of the Sony BVM-X300 reference studio monitor.

    Video enthusiasts are invited to attend the event by registering by email (rzohn at valueelectronics dot com). It will be heled in Scarsdale, NY, USA. More details regarding the setup can be found in the table below. FlatpanelsHD will bring you the results of the shootout.

    TV Shootout evaluation methodology

    - The number one most-used professional calibration software, SpectraCal’s CalMAN®, and calibration hardware, procedures and workflow will be used.
    - Konica/Minolta’s professional CS2000A spectroradiometer, Klein 10A meters and the new Konica/Minolta CA-410 color analyzer will all be used in the calibration process. The Klein 10A meters will be profiled using the CS2000A spectroradiometer for each TV.
    - SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision patterns will be generated and fed from Murideo’s SIX-G 4K Pattern Generator and a preview selection from Stacey Spears upcoming HDR test disc.
    - All of the cables and interconnects are Metra Home Theater Group Ethereal brand Velox True 24 Gbps passive cables with their Gigabit Accelerator the HDM-GA1.
    - All of the TVs will be visually matched to the white point of Sony’s BMV-X300 professional color grading monitor. Sony’s BMV-X300 reference monitor will also be used as the reference for all TVs to be judged against.
    - Well respected top professional calibrators will be tuning each TV to its best possible FHD/SDR and UHD/HDR performance. The calibrators are David Abrams, DeWayne Davis, and John Reformato, supervised by Tyler Pruitt.
    - All tested panels will be concurrently fed through AVPro’s Edge for 18G Uncompressed professional HDMI distribution matrix switch from four Panasonic UB820 Blu-ray players, 1080 FHD/SDR for Cable/DIRECTV, 4K streaming, SDR and HDR test patterns.
    - The televisions featured this year are the flagship 4K Ultra HD LCD/LEDs and OLEDs from the premium TV manufacturers.
    - Video experts will then guide the attendees through the evaluation process and the panel of experts and all attendees will vote on each picture quality attribute.
    - Attendees will be led through the different attributes of picture quality and will evaluate and judge the newest TVs from the leading consumer electronics manufacturers that are competing to be the ‘King of TV.’

    The objective of our TV Shootout is to award the best TVs in each of the attributes of picture quality. The annual TV Shootout only uses the flagship TV series from each of the premium TV manufacturers that are available in the US at this time.

    * At this time here’s the list of TVs vying for the 2018 crown:
    - LG’s OLED65E8PUA
    - Samsung’s QN75Q9FN
    - Sony’s XBR-65A9F
    - Sony’s XBR-75Z9F

    The TVs are taken randomly from Value Electronics inventory, no supplied samples are used.

    * Additional TVs are being tested and evaluated for inclusion in the 2018 TV Shootout.

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