Video: How Hollywood movies are color graded for HDR & SDR

22 Feb 2019 | Rasmus Larsen |

Dado Valentic, award-winning Hollywood colorist and CEO of Color Intelligence, explains and demonstrates how Hollywood movies and TV series are color graded for HDR and SDR. Dado was responsible for the first HDR color graded TV show (Marco Polo season 2) and has been involved in productions such Game of Thrones, Exodus, Total Recall, and many other projects.

Dado also explains why he is using a Panasonic OLED TV as a consumer reference TV alongside a Sony OLED studio monitor in his work, and covers various other subjects such as HDR peak brightness, color volume, the look of movies, color temperature, and more. The session was hosted by Panasonic for its 2019 TV launch event in Frankfurt. The first part of the video is the demonstration while the second part is Q&A.

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