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Commodore 64 retro console launching in December

08 Jul 2019 | Rasmus Larsen |

The C64 is a retro clone of the original Commodore 64, complete with a full-size keyboard. It comes pre-loaded with 64 games and can be connected to any TV via HDMI.

Retro Commodore 64

Retro game consoles are hot these days. From Nintendo to Sony PlayStation to Sega. And you will soon be able to connect a retro version of the Commodore 64 to your TV.

The console is made by Retro Games and is a largely faithful version of the original Commodore 64. It comes with a full-size keyboard, a joystick, and three switchable modes (C64, VIC 20, Games Carousel) as well as a BASIC option. It can be connected to any TV via HDMI for upscaled 720p HD graphics at 60 Hz (USA) or 50Hz (Europe).

 Commodore 64 retro, The C64

It has 64 pre-installed games, including classics such as California Games, Paradroid, and Boulder Dash. A full list is included in the table at the bottom. More games can be uploaded via the built-in USB port.

Commodore 64 was released in 1982 as a 8-bit computer. The Commodore company, which went bankrupt in 1994, says that over 17 million systems were sold and the Guinness Book of World Records listed it as the best-selling single computer model of all time.

The C64 will be released on December 5, 2019, and can be pre-ordered for around €120 from Amazon, Gamestop, and other dealers in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Netherlands, with more countries to be confirmed later. More information can be found here.

C64 - 64 prćinstallerede spil

Attack of the Mutant Camels
Battle Valley
Bear Bovver
Boulder Dash
California Games
Chips Challenge
Cosmic Causeway
Cyberdyne Warrior
Cybernoid II
Everyone’s a Wally
Firelord, Galencia
Gateway to Apshai
Gribbly’s Day Out
Gridrunner (VIC 20)
Highway Encounter
Hover Bovver
Impossible Mission
Impossible Mission II
Iridis Alpha
Mega Apocalypse
Mission AD
Monty Mole
Monty on the Run
Nodes of Yesod
Pitstop II
Planet of Death
Psychedelia (VIC 20)
Robin of the Wood
Silicon Warrior
Skate Crazy
Speedball 2
Street Sports Baseball
Street Sports Basketball
Summer Games II (includes Summer Games events)
Super Cycle
Sword of Fargoal
Temple of Apshai Trilogy
The Arc of Yesod
Thing Bounces Back
Thing on a Spring
Who Dares Wins II
Winter Games
World Games

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