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Winners of HDTVTest's 2019 'blind' TV Shootout announced

19 Aug 2019 | Rasmus Larsen |

Four TVs, two winners. LG C9 and Panasonic GZ2000 took home all awards at the 2019 HDTVTest "blind" shootout where logos, bezels and stands had been carefully masked.

HDTVTest 2019 shootout

At the 2019 TV Shootout in the US, Sony A9G (AG9) was crowned 'King of TV'. At the 2019 HDTVTest Shootout in the UK, however, attendees found that LG and Panasonic's OLED TVs beat the Sony TV along with the Samsung Q90R - the only LCD model in the shootout. The shootout was held yesterday on August 18 in Greater London, UK, in partnership with retailer Crampton & Moore. In its 6th year, HDTVTest had decided to make it a "blind" shootout, carefully masking the bezels and logos while also using a curtain to hide any telltale signs such as menus or notifications. 4 TVs included in the 2019 Shootout:
  • 65" LG C9 – $2500 / £2500
  • 65" Panasonic GZ2000 – £4300
  • 65" Samsung Q90R – $2800 / £3000
  • 65" Sony AG9 – $3800 / £3600 The four TVs had all be given time to run in and had been calibrated for day, night, game, and HDR, with assistance from Portrait Display's Tyler Pruitt and HDTVPolska's Maciej Koper. A professional mastering monitor (Sony BVM-X300) had been set up as a reference display. 38 attendees were asked to evaluate the TVs in a number of categories on a scale from 1 to 5.

    And the winners are...

    Between the four competing TVs there were two clear winners. Panasonic GZ2000 won 'Best Home Theatre TV' as well as 'Best Living Room TV'. LG C9 won 'Best Gaming TV', 'Best HDR TV', and 'Best TV of 2019'. Here are the results:

    HDTVTest 2019 Shootout winners

    Best Home Theatre TV:Panasonic GZ2000 (20.84 points)LG C9 (20.81 points)
    Best Living Room TV:Panasonic GZ2000 (23.73 points)Samsung Q90R (23.44 points)
    Best Gaming TV:LG C9 (4.67 points)Panasonic GZ2000 (3.92 points)
    Best HDR TV:LG C9 (17.34 points) Panasonic GZ2000 (16.81 points)
    Best TV of 2019:LG C9 (33.16 points)Panasonic GZ2000 (32.90 points)

    Category parameter scores

    Blacks & Shadow Detail:LG C9 (4.69 points)Panasonic GZ2000 (4.31 points)
    Colour accuracy:LG C9 (4.47 points)Panasonic GZ2000 (4.36 points)
    Tone-Mapping:Panasonic GZ2000 (4.32 points)LG C9 (4.11 points)
    Motion:Sony AG9 (4.15 points)Panasonic GZ2000 (4.12 points)
    Video processing:Panasonic GZ2000 (3.92 points)Sony AG9 (3.85 points)
    Uniformity:Panasonic GZ2000 (4.25 points)Sony AG9 (3.96 points)
    Bright room performance:Samsung Q90R (4.37 points)LG C9 (3.75 points)
    Gaming:LG C9 (4.67 points)Panasonic GZ2000 (3.92 points)
    As the scores table reveal, it was a very close race between LG C9 and Panasonic GZ2000. - "The LG C9 and Panasonic GZ2000 were virtually neck-and-neck in most categories until the gaming segment where the former's class-leading input lag of 13ms tipped the scales in favour of the LG. The Panasonic GZ2000 had the best colour accuracy and HDR tone-mapping out of the box with the least tweaks required, but the HDR Autocal and in particular tone-curve adjustment feature on the LG C9 allowed it to level the playing field," said Vincent Teoh of HDTVTest. "The Panasonic GZ2000 had the best near-black uniformity and video processing which helped it take home the "Best Home Theatre TV" and "Best Living Room TV" gongs, but ironically its higher peak brightness introduced some posterisation in very bright specular highlights in the 1000-nit content shown, causing it to lose out to the LG C9 for "Best HDR TV". At last year's event, TVs based on OLED technology won all awards except for the award for best gaming TV, which went to the Samsung Q9FN. At this year's event, Samsung's Q90R LCD TV did not take home any awards but it did achieve the highest score in the bright-room performance category. - "This year, we decided to conduct a "blind" shootout to eliminate any brand bias however subconscious, and it's heart-warming to see some common beliefs being validated, such as Sony having the best motion handling, and Samsung QLED being the best bright-room TV. The audience also continues to prefer OLED in the majority of categories scored, owing to the display technology's self-emissive characteristics which deliver true blacks, vibrant colours and wide viewing angles," said Vincent Teoh. Like last year, the TV Shootout results largely mirror FlatpanelsHD’s TV reviews. - Source: HDTVTest

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