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How to experience 'Gemini Man' in HFR (High Frame Rate)

07 Oct 2019 | Rasmus Larsen |

A few theaters are showing Gemini Man, starring Will Smith, in 3D 120fps HFR but most theaters are showing it in 3D 60fps or 2D 24fps due to technical limitations. Here is what you should know.

'Gemini Man' in HFR

Filmmaker Ang Lee and Paramount's Gemini Man is the second movie to be made in 120fps HFR (High Frame Rate). The first one was Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk from 2016, also made by Lee who has established himself as a pioneer in the field. Peter Jackson's The Hobbit was shot in 48fps while other Hollywood movies are shot in low frame rate 24fps. Paramount has been encouraging exhibitors to prepare for the new format and projector manufacturer Christie has developed a new dual projection system (Cinity) capable of delivering 3D 4K 120fps for each eye - what Lee likes to call "the whole shebang" - and up to 95% Rec.2020 color gamut.

Gemini Man in HFR

Gemini Man was shot in 3D 4K 120fps HFR and HDR, and Paramount is distributing multiple versions including:
  • 2D 4K 24fps
  • 3D 2K 60fps HFR
  • 3D 2K 120fps HFR Dolby Vision
  • 3D 4K 120fps HFR Unfortunately, few theaters are equipped to deliver the whole shebang. All 2D screenings will be in 24fps. Most 3D screenings, including those in IMAX, will be in 3D 2K 60fps. Dolby Cinema will offer Gemini Man in up to 3D 2K 120fps (and Dolby Vision) while only the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles and few locations in Asia will have the 3D 4K 120fps version - without HDR. - "We're proud to be presenting Ang Lee's incredible film to the premiere audience in 4K resolution, 3D, and at 120 frames a second (fps) using the CINITY system with Christie RealLaser technology – a bold specification that exceeds all DCI-compliant presentation systems," said Kyle Davies, President of Domestic Distribution, Paramount. "We are excited by this new technology and look forward to its roll out in theatres worldwide." Gemini Man also has a Dolby Atmos soundtrack. It is worth adding that the UHD Blu-ray specification is limited to maximum 4K60. The same is true for most 4K streaming players. So it is unlikely that you will be able to experience Gemini Man in its original format at home - maybe later.


    Fps is short for frames per second. 24fps = 24 frames per second. 120fps = 120 frames per second. Higher frame rates will produce smoother video motion. HFR is short for High Frame Rate. In cinema it's everything above 24fps while the TV industry often defines it as 100fps and above. HDR is short for High Dynamic Range, an expanded range for luminance and colors. Dolby Vision is Dolby's proprietary HDR video format. 4K and 2K refer to resolution. In cinema 2K is 2048x1080 pixels while 4K is 4096x2160. Rec.2020 is a color gamut that includes more visible colors than Rec.709 (standard for non-HDR video for home entertainment) or DCI-P3 (standard for DCI-compliant cinema)
    - Source: Paramount, Christie

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