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Best of CES 2020

10 Jan 2020 | Torben R, Rasmus L |

At a show full of concepts and prototypes, a 48-inch OLED TV represents something meaningful; something that will bring 4K HDR to the masses. Samsung's Q950TS is also cool while microLED continues to show potential.

Winner: 48" OLED TV

Many people have yet to experience great 4K and High Dynamic Range. Some consumers will buy a mid-range LCD TV and write off HDR as "nothing special" while advanced LED systems continue to be reserved for the most expensive LCD TVs due to very high production costs. It is a shame really but there is a path forward. For every step OLED TVs take down the pricing ladder, great 4K and High Dynamic Range picture quality moves one step closer to the mainstream. More viewers will lead to more content, which will lead to more viewers. With a 48-inch screen, to be introduced in 2020 by LG and Sony (possibly others, too), OLED TVs will be more affordable than ever and bring great performance to a new size class. It is something that many more consumers will actually be able to afford, and that is meaningful. 48-inch OLED TVs win our Best of CES 2020.

Best of CES 2020 - 48-inch OLED TV


It is always hard to pick just one. MicroLED continues to amaze us but since we awarded it Best of CES 2018, it has become clear that many challenges remain. Manufacturers can claim that they have "launched" them but with sky high prices exceeding $100,000 that is a stretch. We do not believe that most consumers will want to assemble their TVs from modules either. We need smaller - not larger - microLED TVs and in an integrated package. On the other hand picture quality is amazing and it is uplifting to so see that so many manufacturers appear invested in the new display technology; from Sony, Samsung and LG to less prominent brands such as Konka. So we keep our eyes on microLED.

microLED from Konka

Samsung's Q950TS is also an extremely cool-looking TV and something that you will actually be able to buy this year. However, it would be even cooler if it had 4K resolution to make it less expensive. No company at CES demonstrated in any way that 8K is ready for prime time in 2020. See you next year at CES 2021.

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