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Samsung Blu-ray 'bootloop' issue more widespread than first thought

02 Jul 2020 | Rasmus Larsen |

Samsung Blu-ray players have stopped working out of the blue and the issue is more widespread than first thought. It affects players dating back to 2010. Smart TVs may also be vulnerable in the future.

Stuck in a bootloop

About two weeks ago, Samsung Blu-ray players and Home Cinema systems across the world suddenly and mysteriously stopped working. They are stuck in an endless bootloop. Reports from users initially centered on Blu-ray players and Home Cinema systems from the 2015 generation (J generation) but it is now clear that it also affects players from 2014 (H generation), 2013 (F generation), 2012 (E generation), 2011 (D generation), and 2010 (P generation). The bootloop issue does not seem to affect any UHD Blu-ray players from Samsung. Twitter user Jayson Kennedy maintains an updated list of affected Samsung players based on feedback from owners. The forum thread on Samsung Community has grown to over 250 pages.

Smart TV may also be vulnerable

The exact reason for the bootloop issue is still unclear but an expired SSL certificate is a plausible explanation. Certificates are security measures in products that connect to the internet via a secure connection. SSL certificates have an expiration date. SSL certificates are also used in other types of devices that connect to the internet, including Smart TVs. The certificate can be renewed or replaced but it requires the manufacturer to continuously update the device. Several TV makers fail to provide updates for Smart TVs. Owners in the US and UK are reporting that Samsung is taking Blu-ray players in for repair free of charge, whereas owners in sine other regions say that there is no help to be found.

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