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LG says that the launch of rollable OLED "marks a turning point in TV history"

20 Oct 2020 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG Electronics has announced the official launch of the world's first rollable TV, made possible by OLED technology. It will cost $87000 dollars – but is there a long-term plan in place?

The first of its kind

The company calls it groundbreaking, a turning point, revolutionary, redefining, the most innovative TV technology in decades, a work of art, a masterpiece, and a one-of-a-kind TV. There is no modesty to be found here.

LG Rollable TV

- "The seamless marriage of technological and design innovation demonstrated in LG Signature OLED R is an unprecedented feat that genuinely deserves to be called a work of art," said Park Hyoung-sei, president of LG HE. "This is a true luxury product that reimagines what television can be, this unique TV delivers a differentiated user experience and a new way of thinking about space while once again confirming LG’s leadership in the premium TV market." And LG has reason to be proud. We have seen the TV on several occasions and it is wildly impressive. Back in 2018, we met other attendees at CES who thought that there had to be some kind of trick involved; that it did not actually roll up. Normally, when a TV maker dreams up a product like this, compromises follow. Here, however, picture quality appears to be intact. You are getting the same great picture quality as in other 65-inch LG 4K OLED TVs. Back in 2018, LG said that the panel can withstand 50000 roll cycles.

A path to affordability?

It is made possible by OLED technology, with its self-emissive pixels, on a flexible substrate. We have seen display companies demonstrate flexible displays for more than a decade, but this is the world's first commercially available TV. The aluminum box doubles as a music system with AirPlay 2 and other wireless technologies. Customers can select from four shades of wool speaker covers (black, gray, blue, and brown). The display can be set to three states; Full View, Line View and Zero View. In Line View, it can give you information on the weather or the song you are listening to.

LG Rollable TV

- "LG’s exquisite creation liberates users from the limitations of the wall, enabling owners to curate their living environment without having to permanently set aside space for a large, black screen that is only useful when turned on. With the ability transform into three different viewing formats – Full View, Line View and Zero View – LG Signature OLED R expands the user experience in exciting, new ways thanks in no small part to the company’s mastery of OLED technology," the company said. All of this comes with a price tag to match; $87000 or €60000. That is not very impressive and the bigger question is if it can be made affordable sometime in the future. The launch was delayed a year and there are no signs of smaller or larger versions. Is there a long-term plan in place? We guess time will tell.


- Source: LG

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