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42" OLED TVs & 'next-generation OLED' coming in 2021, 20-30" OLED later

11 Jan 2021 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG Display, the panel manufacturer, has today announced that it will start producing 42-inch and 83-inch OLED TV displays this year. It will also launch "next-generation OLED technology" in 2021. It will introduce 20-30-inch OLED later.

More OLED TV sizes

LG Display is supplying LG Electronics, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Vizio, and many other TV brands with OLED TV panels. Once it starts production of new OLED panels, its partners will be able to launch TVs based on those panels. In 2021, LG Display will start production of a smaller 42-inch OLED TV panel as well as a larger 83-inch OLED TV panel. The latter is already confirmed for LG and Sony's 2021 TV line-ups but no manufacturer has announced plans to launch a 42-inch OLED TV yet. Perhaps we will learn more during CES 2021 this week. - "The company is set to strengthen its lineup by producing 83-inch and 42-inch OLED TV displays starting this year, adding to the existing 88-inch, 77-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 48-inch OLED TV displays. It also plans to significantly expand its mid-range TV display lineup down to the 20-30-inch range, enhancing not only TV, but also gaming, mobility, and personal display options," announced LG Display. Update: In two separate statements to FlatpanelsHD, LG Display confirmed that the mention of 20-30-inch displays above are in fact OLED displays. It did not say when it is planning to start mass production.

Next-generation OLED

LG Display also announced "next-generation OLED" for 2021 high-end TVs

"Next-generation" OLED

LG Display also announced a "next-generation" OLED panel with around 20% higher efficiency. The announcement most likely relates to the brighter OLED panel that LG Electronics has announced as 'OLED evo'. - "LG Display’s new 77-inch OLED display shows significant progress in picture quality through newly developed and highly efficient materials as well as the addition of a layer to the display, thereby improving its efficiency by around 20%. Higher efficiency means that the display improves its brightness to realize more vivid images," said LG Display. - "LG Display is planning to apply its advanced next-generation OLED technology to high-end TV models that will be launched this year and gradually expand its adoption."

Limitations of MiniLED LCD

At the same time, the display manufacturer poured cold water on the idea that miniLED LCD TVs will challenge OLED TVs. - "On the other hand, even premium LCD TVs, such as Mini-LEDs, are limited in how far they can improve contrast ratio through ‘local dimming’, a method to control a screen by dividing it into around 2,500 areas," it said. LG Display pointed out that an 8K OLED display has 33 million self-emissive pixels for "pixel dimming" as opposed to zone dimming. That is what gets you those deep blacks together with bright highlights for improved contrast ratio on OLED displays. LG Electronics, Samsung, TCL and possibly other are planning to launch miniLED-based LCD TVs in 2021 as announced at CES 2021. LG Display said that expects to produce 7 to 8 million OLED panels in 2021, up from around 4.5 million in 2020. - Source: LG Display

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