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Samsung's "Neo QLED" LCD TVs to cost slightly more than the 2020 models

19 Jan 2021 | Rasmus Larsen |

Samsung has released official pricing for its "Neo QLED" LCD TVs in Switzerland, revealing that the 2021 models with miniLED backlight will cost slightly more than last year's models.

Pricing for Samsung 2021 TVs

Samsung's new 2021 LCD TVs with miniLED backlight technology, referred to as "Neo QLED", will start at 2000 Swiss franc (approximately 1900 Euro) for a 55-inch display. Switzerland has a VAT rate of 7.7% and pricing will vary from region to region but comparing the list to Samsung Switzerland's 2020 prices tells us that Samsung is planning to launch its 2021 LCD TVs at slightly higher prices that last year's models. However, there are a few exceptions where 2021 models will cost the same or actually be a little less expensive. You can find Samsung's 2020 launch prices in USD, UK pounds and Euro here.

Samsung Neo QLED LCD TV

Samsung's 2021 "Neo QLED" LCD TV with the One Connect box

Last year, Samsung was criticized for removing its most advanced LED backlight technology from the 4K models in an attempt to push buyers towards 8K TVs. It remains to be seen if 2021 will play out the same way. While the smaller miniLEDs enable TV makers to implement more dimming zones, there are no guarantees. We will have to wait for Samsung or our own examinations to confirm the number of dimming zones. Besides the miniLED backlight, Samsung is highlighting features like HDMI 2.1, VRR, HDR10+ Adaptive, a new Game Bar menu, a slim design, and an improved Neo Quantum video processor. Follow the links for specifications in the TV Database:
  • Samsung QN900A "Neo QLED" LCD TVs - specifications
  • Samsung QN800A "Neo QLED" LCD TVs - specifications
  • Samsung QN95A "Neo QLED" LCD TVs - specifications
  • Samsung QN90A "Neo QLED" LCD TVs - specifications
  • Samsung QN85A "Neo QLED" LCD TVs - specifications
  • Samsung's 2021 TVs will launch from March or April, depending on your region. More details, along with regional pricing, will be announced later.

    Samsung 2021 vs. 2020 prices (Swiss franc, CHF)

    2021 "Neo QLED" LCD TVs2021 CHF prices2020 CHF prices2020 "QLED" LCD TVs
    QN85A (4K)  Q80A (4K)
    55" QE55QN85A1999159955" QE55Q80T
    65" QE65QN85A2599219965" QE65Q80T
    75" QE75QN85A3999399975" QE75Q80T
    85" QE85QN85A5299499985" QE85Q80T
    QN90A (4K)  Q90T (4K)
    50" QE50QN90A1999 -
    55" QE55QN90A2199199955" QE55Q90T
    65" QE65QN90A2999289965" QE65Q90T
    75" QE75QN90A4499429975" QE75Q90T
    85" QE85QN90A5999 -
    QN95A (4K)  Q95T (4K)
    55" QE55QN95A2399219955" QE55Q95T
    65" QE65QN95A3299299965" QE65Q95T
    75" QE75QN95A4999449975" QE75Q95T
    85" QE85QN95A6299599985" QE85Q95T
    QN800A (8K)  Q800T (8K)
    65" QE65QN800A4299449965" QE65Q800T
    75" QE75QN800A5999599975" QE75Q800T
    85" QE85QN800A7999699982" QE82Q800T
    QN900A (8K)  Q900T (8K)
    65" QE65QN900A6499599965" QE65Q950T
    75" QE75QN900A7999849975" QE75Q950T
    85" QE85QN900A109991299985" QE85Q950T
    - Source: Samsung PR Switzerland (2020)

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