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LG announces EU pricing & availability for 2021 "QNED" LCD TVs

05 Feb 2021 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG's first "QNED" LCD TVs will start at 2500 Euro for a 65-inch 4K model, which is almost the same price as a 65-inch 2021 OLED TV. A 65-inch 8K model will cost double that.

LG "QNED" LCD prices

LG will be marketing its top LCD TVs for 2021 as QNED, short for 'Quantum Nanocell miniLED', according to the company. Like Samsung's "QLED TVs", LG's "QNED TVs" are conventional LCD TVs with a more advanced backlight unit. LG Germany is the first branch to announce pricing details for 2021. Prices will start at 2500 Euro for a 65-inch 4K model (QNED91, also known as QNED90). That is 200 Euro less than LG's 65-inch B1 OLED TV. A 75-inch 4K model will cost 4600 Euro, which is 400 Euro less than a 77-inch LG B1 OLED, while a 86-inch 4K model is priced at 7000 Euro, or 1000 Euro less than the 83-inch LG C1 OLED. Also read: LG reveals EU pricing & availability for 2021 OLED TVs (B1, C1, G1, Z1) The 8K "QNED" LCD TVs will be significantly more expensive starting at 5000 Euro for a 65-inch model. Of course, that is still less than 8K OLED, which will remain prohibitively expensive in 2021.



Affordable miniLED?

LG's prices are even higher than the prices for last year's "QLED" LCD TVs from Samsung but the arch rival is also planning to increase prices in 2021 with its "Neo QLED" LCD TVs. The announcements from the two South Korean TV makers have squashed any dreams of affordable, advanced miniLED technology in LCD TVs. For more than a decade now, advanced backlight technology has remained reserved for the most high-end LCD TVs. It is not trickling down to mid-range models. In fact, high-end LCD TVs have been getting more expensive in recent years as opposed to OLED TVs that are now on the brink of entering the mainstream segment. LG, Philips and possibly other TV makers are planning to launch mid-range 4K OLED TVs in 2021, some with HDMI 2.1. LG's "QNED" LCD TVs will launch between May and July. The company also has a full line-up of new mid-range LCD TVs for 2021 – without advanced LED backlights. We have included them in the table below. Check the TV Database for specifications and other details.

LG 2021 LCD TVs – suggested retail prices

- Source: LG Germany via 4K Filme, ComputerBase

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