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Sony fixes HDMI CEC (power off) bug in 2016-2019 TVs

01 Jun 2021 | Rasmus Larsen |

The HDMI CEC bug, which prevented external devices from powering off 2016-2019 Sony TVs, has been fixed in Sony's latest firmware update.

Sony's HDMI CEC bug

Sony's roll-out of Android 9 to 2016-2019 Android TVs late last year introduced an HDMI CEC bug that prevented external devices (Apple TV, disc players etc.) from powering off the Sony TV. The bug has been widely reported by owners since late 2020. Last week, Sony started rolling out firmware update v6.7165 to address the HDMI CEC issue. The firmware fixes the issue as intended, according to multiple owner reports on Flatpanels' forums.

Sony Bravia Sync

Sony refers to HDMI CEC as 'Bravia Sync'

The firmware is available now for 2016-2019 models (D, E, F, G generations) including popular models like Sony A1, XE90 (X900E), and XF90 (X900F). If you are not seeing firmware v.6.7165 through the TV's built-in update function, it can be downloaded manually onto a USB stick from Sony's supports pages: UK here and US here.

Sony firmware update v6.7165

Benefits and Improvements - Resolves an issue where the TV does not turn off when turning off HDMI devices connected via BRAVIA Sync (HDMI CEC) - Resolves an issue where an information banner appears randomly while watching content through HDMI connected devices - Resolves an issue where the TV can’t connect with specific wireless subwoofers Applicable Models (Europe) KD-55A1 KD-65A1 KD-77A1 KD-55AF8 KD-65AF8 KD-55AG8 KD-65AG8 KD-50SD8005 KDL-43WF804 KDL-43WF805 KDL-49WF804 KDL-49WF805 KD-49XD7004 KD-49XD7005 KD-55XD7004 KD-55XD7005 KD-65XD7504 KD-65XD7505 KD-43XD8005 KD-43XD8077 KD-43XD8088 KD-43XD8099 KD-49XD8005 KD-49XD8077 KD-49XD8088 KD-49XD8099 KD-55XD8005 KD-43XD8305 KD-49XD8305 KD-43XE8004 KD-43XE8005 KD-43XE8077 KD-43XE8096 KD-43XE8099 KD-43XE8396 KD-49XE8004 KD-49XE8005 KD-49XE8077 KD-49XE8088 KD-49XE8096 KD-49XE8099 KD-49XE8396 KD-55XE8096 KD-55XE8396 KD-55XE8505 KD-55XE8577 KD-55XE8588 KD-55XE8596 KD-55XE8599 KD-65XE8505 KD-65XE8577 KD-65XE8588 KD-65XE8596 KD-65XE8599 KD-75XE8596 KD-49XE9005 KD-55XE9005 KD-65XE9005 KD-75XE9005 KD-55XE9305 KD-65XE9305 KD-75XE9405 KD-43XF7596 KD-49XF7596 KD-55XF7596 KD-65XF7596 KD-43XF8096 KD-49XF8096 KD-55XF8096 KD-60XF8305 KD-70XF8305 KD-43XF8505 KD-43XF8577 KD-43XF8588 KD-43XF8596 KD-43XF8599 KD-43XF8796 KD-49XF8505 KD-49XF8577 KD-49XF8588 KD-49XF8596 KD-49XF8599 KD-49XF8796 KD-55XF8505 KD-55XF8577 KD-55XF8588 KD-55XF8596 KD-55XF8599 KD-55XF8796 KD-65XF8505 KD-65XF8577 KD-65XF8588 KD-65XF8596 KD-65XF8599 KD-65XF8796 KD-75XF8596 KD-85XF8596 KD-49XF9005 KD-55XF9005 KD-65XF9005 KD-75XF9005 KD-43XG8096 KD-43XG8196 KD-49XG8096 KD-49XG8196 KD-55XG8096 KD-55XG8196 KD-65XG8096 KD-65XG8196 KD-75XG8096 KD-43XG8305 KD-43XG8388 KD-43XG8396 KD-43XG8399 KD-49XG8305 KD-49XG8377 KD-49XG8388 KD-49XG8396 KD-49XG8399 KD-49XG9005 KD-100ZD9 KD-65ZD9 KD-75ZD9 Applicable Models (Americas) XBR-49X700D XBR-55X700D XBR-65X750D XBR-43X800D XBR-49X800D XBR-43X800E XBR-49X800E XBR-55X800E XBR-65X850E XBR-75X850E XBR-49X900E XBR-55X900E XBR-65X900E XBR-75X900E XBR-55X930E XBR-65X930E XBR-75X940E KD-43X750F KD-49X750F KD-55X750F KD-65X750F KD-75X780F XBR-60X830F XBR-70X830F XBR-65X850F XBR-75X850F XBR-85X850F XBR-49X900F XBR-55X900F XBR-65X900F XBR-75X900F XBR-85X900F XBR-43X800G XBR-49X800G XBR-55X800G XBR-65X800G XBR-75X800G XBR-100Z9D XBR-65Z9D XBR-75Z9D XBR-55A1E XBR-65A1E XBR-77A1E XBR-55A8F XBR-65A8F XBR-55A8G XBR-65A8G

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