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Hisense unveils 2022 line-up: All premium models with Google TV

09 Jan 2022 | Rasmus Larsen |

In 2022, Hisense USA will launch LCD TVs with bigger screens, miniLED backlight, Google TV, ATSC 3.0, and new gaming features. Frem 32 to 85 inches.

Hisense 2022 TVs

While many other TV manufacturers are embracing OLED display technology, Hisense continues to rely on conventional LCD technology. In 2022, Hisense will bring miniLED to its top LCD TV, the 75-inch U9H. - "Year after year Hisense continues to grow. Our success stems from an acute focus on one thing: making great products," said David Gold, President of Hisense USA. "By prioritizing our products above all else - ensuring we’re delivering the best performance to consumers - and putting premium options within people’s reach, we have become a major force within the consumer electronics industry. In 2021 Hisense was the fastest growing among the top five TV brands in North America – specifically with screens in the 50-inches and above category – and celebrated our most award-winning year to date." The flagship U9H LCD TV will use miniLED zone dimming with over 1280 zones to compete with premium LCD TVs from TCL, Samsung and soon Sony. U9H will also support Dolby Vision IQ, HDMI 2.1, VRR, AMD FreeSync, eARC, WiSA, Dolby Atmos, and HDMI ALLM.

Hisense 2022 TV

Hisense's 2022 TV line-up

For the first time, Hisense will also have ATSC 3.0 tuners in its TVs. LG, Sony and Samsung were first to launch TVs that support the new standard for over-the-air TV transmission in 2020. Another big development for Hisense in 2022 is that it will switch to Google TV for its entire range of premium "ULED" LCD TVs. Google TV offers access to popular streaming apps and includes features like Chromecast, Google Stadia, and Google Assistant. - "This year, the entire Hisense premium ULED TV lineup will feature the Google TV operating system, giving viewers access to 700,000+ movies and TV shows, live TV, and over 8,000 apps including popular platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more – all in one place," announced Hisense.

Hisense 2022 TV

All 2022 Hisense premium TVs will have Google TV

In addition, Hisense's 2022 line-up will include the U8H, U7H, and U6H mid-range models as well as entry-level A series models. Also read: Hisense launches its first 8K LCD, a $2400 75-inch Roku TV More details and pricing can be found in the table below. The premium models will be available this summer.

Hisense 2022 TV line-up

In Hisense's own words: U9H Series: The Best of Everything As the demand for bigger and better TVs continues to grow, picture quality remains a top priority, and some consumers are looking for the best of the best. Hisense’s new premium U9H TV introduces Mini LED to the 2022 lineup, delivering a stunning HDR performance with a bright picture, vivid colors, and excellent contrast. The key to great Mini LED performance is how well the LEDs work together to ensure uniformity and the best possible picture. Hisense’s ULED technology elevates the Mini LED experience by enabling a seamless relationship between hardware and software - enhancing color, contrast, motion, and brightness - giving viewers automatic adjustments in real-time, continuous scene-by-scene modifications, and fine-tuning each frame down to the pixel. The U9H’s upgraded processor delivers faster, smoother performance and responsiveness, while the 120Hz native refresh rate provides a foundation for smooth clarity and motion handling. The U9H reaches 2,000 nits of peak brightness and features more than 1,280 full-array local dimming zones. The inclusion of Quantum Dot technology, Dolby Vision® and Dolby Vision IQ™ brings incredible highlights, a wide range of colors, astonishing detail and an overall lifelike 4K picture with beautiful depth, detail and realism. In addition to a premium picture, gamers will be pleased with the inclusion of the latest next-gen features that offer a tear-free, stutter-free and low latency HDR gaming experience. Features like auto low latency mode, Game Mode Pro, variable refresh rate, and FreeSync via the ultra-high speed HDMI ports deliver exceptional gaming performance. The U9H also offers the newly integrated NEXTGEN TV ATSC 3.0 tuner and an upgraded audio package with a unique design featuring embedded speakers in both the top and bottom of the TV for a surround sound experience. eARC, WISA, and a 2.1.2 audio channel configuration take this even further to create a truly immersive audio experience with spatial audio in Dolby Atmos. With its brightness, contrast, gaming and audio features built for the future of TV, the U9H brings the best of the best in every category. U8H Series: The Best All-Around TV In 2021, the U8 Series was one of Hisense’s most award-winning TVs as well as the most popular among consumers. This year’s U8H will be even bigger and better with more features and upgrades to solidify the U8 Series as a best-in-class TV. Featuring a Mini LED upgrade paired with Hisense’s ULED technology and Quantum Dot, the U8H delivers vibrant colors, impressive contrast, and its trademark bright picture for a fantastic HDR experience. To meet the growing demand for larger screen sizes, the U8H also has a new 75-inch option for those wanting a stunning picture and equally striking screen size. With a 120Hz refresh rate, a peak brightness up to 1500 nits, and picture upgrades like IMAX enhanced, Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Vision IQ, state-of-the art picture quality with Dolby IQ™, and HDR10+, the U8H delivers superior brightness and outstanding contrast - taking picture quality to a new level and meeting the demands of consumers looking for a next-level audiovisual experience and latest upgrades. Audio enhancements like Dolby Atmos for immersive sound, alongside eARC and WiSA support, create a full surround-sound experience with wireless sound hookup. Next-gen gaming features like ultra-high speed HDMI, auto-low-latency mode, variable refresh rate, Freesync, and our Game Mode Pro setting will make the U8 Series a favorite among gamers as well as a perfectly well-rounded option for the entire household. With growing interest in free, live over-the-air broadcast, especially local news, sports and network content, the newly integrated NEXTGEN TV (ATSC 3.0) offers an excellent upgrade, bringing even more content options to viewers with 4K HDR, Dolby audio and the latest broadcast upgrades. In-bezel microphones, far-field voice capability, the embedded Google Assistant, and Works with Alexa functionality make the U8H the central hub of a smart home ecosystem. For those looking for a stunning picture, large screen sizes, and a robust set of premium features, the U8H delivers. U7H Series: Great for Gaming (and Everything Else) Many consumers are looking for a TV that performs well on its own, but that can also go beyond watching their favorite shows and movies to support an equally great gaming experience. The U7 Series exceeded expectations in 2021 with its impressive feature set and overall performance and price. In 2022, the U7H offers the same popular gaming features like Game Mode Pro - making commands from the controller almost instantaneous on the screen, recognizing gaming sequences and automatically optimizing display settings for a top-notch experience, and a ultra-high speed HDMI. The auto low latency mode and 120 Hz variable refresh rate deliver smooth, fluid game play - giving players instant response times with minimal motion blur and halo effects. With picture quality at the top of consumers’ priority list for a new TV, the U7 delivers premium upgrades that offer a well rounded package not just for gamers, but also for everyone in the home. IMAX enhanced, Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Vision IQ, HDR 10/10+/adaptive, Quantum Dot, FreeSync and the newly integrated NEXTGEN TV ATSC 3.0 tuner bring a 4K HDR beautiful picture to the screen no matter the content. Premium audio enhancements such as Dolby Atmos, eARC and WiSA deliver immersive audio, and the 120Hz refresh rate not only brings smooth clarity but also fluid motion for fast-action gaming, sports and movies. With an already wide variety of screen sizes spanning 55 to 85-inches, the U7H meets the growing demand for larger screen sizes with a new 85-inch option, offering a top-notch viewing experience, full-featured TV, and excellent value package in 2022 with prices starting at $799.99 MSRP. U6H Series: Big on Features, Not on Price In 2021, Hisense’s U6 Series was recognized for being the best value and the best affordable TV, with consumers calling it a “steal,” and a “must buy.” Hisense introduced the U6 Series to make its premium ULED lineup attainable to an even larger group of consumers, and this year the U6H will bring even more features and upgrades. As interest in bigger screens continues to grow, the new U6 Series makes both a big screen and a top notch viewing experience even more attainable with a wide variety of screen sizes spanning 50 to 75-inches. No matter the content, picture upgrades like Quantum Dot, Dolby Vision IQ, HDR 10/10+/adaptive, Filmmaker Mode, and a 60Hz native refresh rate bring a great-looking picture to homes with audio enhancements like Dolby Atmos and eARC adding to the premium experience. Gamers will be pleased to have ultra high-speed HDMI, Game Mode Plus and variable refresh rate functionality, and the new addition of far-field voice control and integrated Google Assistant make the U6H the perfect hub in smart homes. With prices starting at $579.99 MSRP, the U6 Series brings a tough to beat, feature-packed TV at an affordable price. A7H, A6H and A4H Series: Smart TVs for Every Preference and Budget In addition to its ULED lineup, Hisense offers smart TV options for every room, budget, and OS preferences with the A7H, A6H and A4H Series. The 85-in A7H offers viewers a wide color gamut and Dolby Atmos, and both the A7H and A6H, in screen sizes 43 to 75-inches, are equipped with features like a Google TV OS upgrade; Dolby Vision HDR+/HDR10; eARC via the TVs’ ultra high-speed HDMI port; auto low latency mode; and Dolby Atmos. The 2K A4H packs Smart TV features in a smaller size - ranging from 32 to 43-inch screen sizes, a new bezel-less design and an Android TV OS. With new options at a budget-friendly price point, Hisense continues to make a high-quality, personalized viewing experience available to the masses. Availability: - U9H is available Late-Summer 2022 for $3,199.99 (75”) MSRP. - U8H is available Mid-Summer 2022 starting at $1,099 MSRP and available in 55”, 65”, and 75” screen sizes. - U7H is available Mid-Summer 2022 starting at $799.99 MSRP and available in 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85” screen sizes. - U6H is available Summer 2022 starting at $579.99 MSRP and available in 55”, 65”, and 75” screen sizes. - A7H is available Spring 2022 for $1,699.99 MSRP in an 85” screen size. - A6H is available Spring 2022 starting at $299.99 MSRP and available in 43”, 50”, 55”, 65” and 70” screen sizes. - A4H is available in Spring 2022 starting at $199.99 MSRP and available in 32”, 40”, and 43” screen sizes.

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