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Some 2021 Philips OLED TVs will get 4K 120Hz VRR update

31 Jan 2022 | Rasmus Larsen |

Philips OLED TVs from 2021 – OLED706, OLED806 and OLED856 – will be updated to support 4K 120Hz VRR in full resolution. The flagship 9-series OLED TVs will not get updated.

Philips 4K120 VRR update

Philips' first HDMI 2.1-enabled OLED TVs from 2021 can display 4K120 (4K resolution at 120 frames per second) content in full resolution but adding VRR to the mix halves resolution. This is a limitation seen in Android TVs, powered by a MediaTek SoC, from multiple brands. After unveiling its 2022 OLED models, Philips has good news to share with owners of last year's OLED706, OLED806 and OLED856 models. These will be updated to support 4K 120Hz VRR in full resolution. The 2022 OLED807 will come with the new firmware pre-installed or receive it shortly after launch. - "The single chip Philips 2021 OLED TVs – OLED 806 etc – can currently display 4K 120Hz content in full resolution and we can confirm that they will be updated in 2022 to be able to display 4k 120Hz VRR content in full resolution," Philips (TP Vision) said in a statement to FlatpanelsHD. - "It is not confirmed yet whether the OLED807 will display 4k 120Hz VRR content in full resolution from launch or will receive a firmware update shortly after launch."

Philips OLED806

Philips OLED806 will get updated to support 4K120 VRR

9-series OLED TVs will not get 4K120 VRR

Unfortunately, the good news does not extend to the 2021 flagship 9-series TVs, OLED936 and OLED986. These use a special twin-chip structure that does not support 4K120 VRR in full resolution. - "With regards to the OLED+936/986 – as our most premium sets – we have selected a special twin chip picture processing engine to guarantee the absolute best picture quality performance. Our most critical decision was whether our most premium sets should be twin chip without 4K 120Hz VRR full resolution or single chip with 4K 120HZ VRR and we believe – given the extremely limited availability of genuine 4k 120Hz VRR content – that the PQ benefits of the twin chip surpass the ability to display 4K 120Hz in full resolution," the company said. - "As a result, the OLED+936/986 will not be able to handle 4K 120Hz VRR with full resolution – they will accept the signal but will downscale the content to half resolution." Philips added that it is exploring ways to support 4K120 VRR on twin-chip structures in future TV models. - "We are currently still evaluating whether it will be possible for a twin chip solution with 4K 120HZ VRR at full resolution in future."

Applicable 2021 Philips OLED TVs


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