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42" LG C2 will get OLED EX panels after the second quarter

31 Mar 2022 | Rasmus Larsen |

You may want to wait to buy the first 42-inch OLED TV on the market as current samples use an older panel. LG confirms that it will start applying WBE (OLED EX) panels soon.


HDTVTest recently got its hands on one of the first 42-inch LG C2 OLED TVs and found that it is using the conventional panel, also known as WBC. LG Electronics has since confirmed to Korean site KBench that it is currently using WBC in the 42-inch model, and that it will switch to the newer WBE OLED panel sequentially after the second quarter. In the beginning, the 42-inch LG C2 models found in stores will therefore use a mix. - "In response, LG Electronics explained that it is true that WBC and WBE are mixed in the 42-inch OLED TV EVO, and that it is an unavoidable situation depending on LG Display's panel supply situation. WBE panels will be applied sequentially after 2Q," the report said. The WBE panel has by LG Display (the panel manufacturer) been branded as OLED EX this year. LG Display will convert all of its production lines in South Korea and China to handle WBE panel production starting from the second quarter 2022, as announced late last year. - "WBC and WBE refer to a set of materials used for OLED panels, and LG Electronics has been applying WBE panels to the EVO series since last year. LG Display has branded the WBE panel as OLED.EX from this year," the report noted.

LG 48 42 OLED

48" LG C2 (left) and 42" LG C2 (right)

Don't expect it to get brighter

However, you should not expect future 42-inch C2 OLED TVs to get much brighter as LG Electronics has stated that it will not advertise its 42- and 48-inch C2 models as having 'Brightness Booster'. They cannot get as bright due to the higher pixel density – only the larger C2 versions will deliver higher brightness. The new deuterium-based OLED EX panel also provides benefits such as improved energy efficiency and longevity as well as slimmer bezels. Also read: Hands-on with LG's 2022 OLED TVs (A2, C2, G2, Z2, Art90) LG Electronics is not using the OLED EX branding in marketing, preferring its own OLED Evo brand which covers additional systems, but it has confirmed that it uses "an advanced panel" that is "very similar" to OLED EX in the new C2 and G2 ranges. LG Display is currently the sole supplier of OLED TV panels. - Source: KBench, HDTVTest

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