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8K QD-OLED TVs and high-res QD-OLED monitors are getting closer

29 Nov 2022 | Rasmus Larsen |

US firm Kateeva has announced that its manufacturing tool for 8K QD-OLED TV and high-resolution monitor panels has shipped to "a leading manufacturer".

For its first QD-OLED mass production line (Q1) Samsung Display choose display making equipment from Samsung Electronics subsidiary Semes instead US-based Kateeva that Samsung had chosen in the past for smaller OLED panels.

A report from Korean newspaper The Elec earlier this year claimed that Samsung Display was planning to return to Kateeva, and Kateeva – in partnership with HB Solutions (HBS) – has this month announced that it will ship its 8.5-generation manufacturing solution to a leading manufacturer. Only Samsung Display produces QD-OLED at this time.

- "We will mark a milestone this month by shipping our next-generation G8.5 inkjet solution for high-volume production of QD-OLED displays to a leading manufacturer. Known as “Jarvis”, the tool will be used to print displays for 8K TVs and high-resolution monitors," David Duke, President of US & Korea Regions for Kateeva, announced in a press release that has since been deleted without explanation.

Earlier this month, Kateeva's partner HB Solutions announced that it has signed a deal worth 14.5 billion won to supply equipment to Samsung Display.

Kateeva inkjet printer

Kateeva's YIELDjet 'Jarvis' inkjet printer. Photo: Kateeva

8K TVs or high-res monitors?

There is no guarantee that Samsung Display will actually produce and sell 8K QD-OLED TV panels in the near future but this solution should at least make it possible. High-resolution monitors may be a more immediate priority for Samsung Display. - "The installation is the first for our partnership. It follows rigorous testing by Kateeva’s technology teams in Silicon Valley & South Korea, and by HBS’s manufacturing experts. In addition to yield, ultra-high resolution in mass production were top priorities. This is a formidable ask of the novel pixel printing process where ink must reach its target location with extreme accuracy. To achieve this, droplets must be placed with exceptional precision. Inconsistent drop placement causes defects, and defects kill yield," explained Kateeva. "Kateeva’s inkjet technology is engineered to deliver industry-leading yield and high resolution." The inkjet equipment will be used for the QD color conversion layer only – not yet the OLED layer. Also read: First 240z QD-OLED monitors will launch in 2023 The other major South Korean manufacturer of OLED TV panels, LG Display, is also exploring inkjet-based solutions. In 2019, LG Chem acquired DuPont, which in the past collaborated with Kateeva to advance inkjet printing of OLED. - Source: Kateeva (cached)

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