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World's first "truly wireless" TV to debut at CES 2023

16 Dec 2022 | Rasmus Larsen |

US-based newcomer Displace has announced that it will debut the "world's first truly wireless TV" at CES 2023. The OLED TV runs on rechargeable batteries.

The 55-inch 4K OLED TV weighs under 20lbs and has no wires or ports. It uses a proprietary swappable battery system.

The TV is created by a company called Displace that was established earlier in 2022. The company explains that the 'Displace TV', which is the official name for it, can be controlled with hand gestures via a camera (can be switched off), in addition to touch and voice. 

It requires a wireless base unit box that stays connected to an electrical outlet. This base unit is powered by an AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU, and has Wi-Fi 6E compatibility. It sounds like a fairly expensive solution compared to the cheap ARM-based MediaTek SoCs in most current TVs. The company has not said which TV platform it will using for video streaming etc.

Buyers can even combine multiple TVs to form any sized TV, for example "four TVs to create a 110" TV with 16K resolution", the company said. This is obviously wrong as four 4K panels stitched together form 8K resolution – not 16K.

Displace wireless TV

Our first glimpse of Displace's wireless TV. Photo: Company

- "Displace completely reinvents the television with its hardware and software technologies, and user interfaces that will not only change the way people enjoy entertainment in their homes, but will also advance the entire television industry," said Balaji Krishnan, founder and CEO of Displace. "We envision a world with multiple displays on walls delivering significant value to the consumers wherever they are inside their homes. To achieve this vision, it's important to re-architect television by eliminating all common frustrations and making it extremely easy to secure televisions on any surface inside homes. By realizing this vision, Displace is effectively creating the next computing platform and the potential applications are limitless." The battery will apparently hold charge for a full month, based on an average usage of 6 hours per day. The company did not say how wide the gap is when combining multiple TVs. The Displace TV will be officially unveiled at CES 2023 in Las Vegas in early January. It will initially be sold in the US.

Displace TV – specifications

A Truly Wireless TV: Displace TV has no wires and no ports. Long-lasting rechargeable batteries utilize Displace's proprietary hot-swappable battery system. Simply Stick TV to Any Wall: Super lightweight 55" 4K Displace TV uses proprietary active-loop vacuum technology — no wall mounting required. Create Any Size TV: Snap multiple 55" 4K Displace TVs together to create any size TV – such as combining four TVs to create a 110" TV with 16K resolution. Interact with Hand Gestures – No More Remote Controls! Users can easily browse and play content on Displace TV using their hands in addition to touch and voice interfaces. Users simply push with their palm to play; pinch to zoom in or out; or literally reach out and grab what's on the TV and throw it onto another Displace TV in the home. Content magically moves from one Displace TV to another when the user moves between rooms via proprietary computer vision technology. What's in the Box: - 55" 4K wireless Displace TV (one, two or four TVs, pending package purchased) - Battery charging unit - One base unit Dimensions: 48.2" width x 27.5" height, and 1.2" thick Hardware Specifications: - Displace TV: 55" OLED panel, 4K camera, Wi-Fi 6E - Base unit: AMD CPU, NVidia GPU, Wi-Fi 6E Batteries: Four rechargeable batteries per TV and battery charging unit Battery Life: One-month of total battery life for each Displace TV, based on average usage of six hours per day; Batteries can be charged individually while the TV remains fully functional. Where to Buy: Displace TV website Launch Market: U.S.

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