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Panasonic introduces 5-year OLED TV warranty in parts of Europe

22 Nov 2023 | Rasmus Larsen |

Panasonic is emphasizing its Japanese quality by extending the warranty period for new OLED TV purchases to 5 years in select European countries.

Electronic products are covered by a minimum 2-year warranty in the EU as part of EU consumer law, but companies can extend the warranty in full or limited form as an extra service to consumers.

Panasonic has extended it to 5 years for new OLED TVs purchased from authorized dealers in Austria and Germany, and for both LCD and OLED TVs in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. In these six countries, the 5-year warranty applies retroactively to TVs bought from April 1, 2023, onwards.

In the UK, Panasonic is offering the 5-year extended warranty as a promotional activity from June 19 to December 31, 2023, only. It applies to both LCD and OLED TVs.

Panasonic OLED

The 5-year warranty covers OLED TVs and in some countries also LCD TVs. Photo: Panasonic

Panasonic already provides a 5-year extended warranty for products from Technics HiFi brand. LG offers a similar 5-year extended warranty in specific countries, but it is applicable only to premium OLED models (G3, G2, Z3, Z2, M3). Panasonic said that the standard warranty terms apply during the extended 60-month warranty period. The company advises consumers to verify the exact details with their local branch or authorized Panasonic dealer.

Panasonic's 5-year warranty: More information

Here is more information for each country:
  • Panasonic Austria
  • Panasonic Germany
  • Panasonic UK
  • Panasonic Denmark
  • Panasonic Finland
  • Panasonic Norway
  • Panasonic Sweden
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