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When to expect OLED in iPad Air, iPad Mini, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro

10 May 2024 | Rasmus Larsen |

With the launch of the new iPad Pro, Apple has finally begun the transition from LCD to OLED in IT devices. Here is when you can expect OLED in other iPad and MacBook devices, according to Omdia.

Based on its supply chain sources, market analyst company Omdia published a roadmap for Apple's OLED adoption on February 21, 2024. With the introduction of the new iPad Pro earlier this week, Omdia's roadmap is starting to look credible.

Apple OLED roadmap

Tandem or single OLED

The new iPad Pro features 'tandem OLED' displays, with two layers of OLED stacked together for higher brightness and longer lifetime. Omdia expects tandem OLED, although with some modifications, to appear in the MacBook Pro by 2026. Omdia further expects single-stack OLED panels to appear in iPad Air in 2026, iPad Mini in 2027, and MacBook Air in 2027. The more conventional single-stack OLED is expected to have lower brightness. Interestingly, Omdia also expects Apple to introduce a 20-inch OLED-based foldable iPad in 2027. Apple has also been rumored to be planning a switch to OLED in iMac, although it will not happen until 2027 at the earliest.

IT OLED market to surge

As a result of Apple's transition from LCD to OLED in both iPad and MacBook, OLED is expected to see rapid growth in 'mobile PCs'. - "Starting from 2024, shipments of mobile OLED panels are expected to grow substantially in tablet PC and notebook PC applications. The key drivers are the Apple iPad Pro and MacBook Pro adoption, mass production of the new hybrid OLED and tandem RGB structure OLED panels, continuous manufacturing cost reduction of the panel makers with enlarged economic scale, and BOE and Samsung Display’s upcoming Gen 8.6 OLED new fabs," wrote Omdia. Similarly, the adoption of OLED in PC gaming monitors is surging these years.

Mobile PC OLED market

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