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TCL unveils 1000Hz LCD, 14" QD-EL (NanoLED), 16" 8K LCD, and more

17 May 2024 | Rasmus Larsen |

TCL CSOT is showcasing its latest advancements in display technology at Display Week 2024, including the world's first 1000Hz LCD and a 14-inch QD-EL, also known as NanoLED.

CSOT is TCL's display manufacturing arm in China and a rising competitor to South Korea's LG Display and Samsung Display. TCL CSOT's display panels are today used in TVs from TCL, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic, among others.

At the annual industry show Display Week, TCL CSOT is presenting its latest advancements in display technology as well as display prototypes. At least some of these panels are expected to appear in consumer products in the coming years.

TCL's first QD-EL display

The original name, QLED, was misused, so the electroluminescent quantum dots display technology, where electricity is applied directly to the quantum dots, goes by many names: NanoLED, QDEL, QD-EL and QD-LED. TCL is showcasing the first 14-inch inkjet-printed QD-EL display. It features a 2.8K resolution, 30-120Hz refresh rates, and 85% BT.2020 coverage. The company says that inkjet printing can significantly reduce production costs.


TCL CSOT's 14-inch QD-EL prototype at Display Week 2024

Some in the industry see this technology as the next step after OLED, but challenges remain on the path to commercialization, including the limited lifetime of the blue QLED. TCL did not provide an update on the lifetime.

World's first 1000Hz LCD

At Display Week 2024, TCL is also showcasing the world's first 1000Hz 4K LCD monitor panel. The fastest monitors on the market today are 480Hz OLED and 540Hz LCD, both at 1080p resolution.

1000Hz 4K LCD

TCL CSOT's 1000Hz 4K LCD panel. Photo: Blur Busters

TCL says that 1000Hz "heralds a new era in gaming". Displays today still exhibit motion blur at very high refresh rates due to the sample-and-hold principle, so 1000Hz is warranted – not just a spec race – according to Blur Busters. However, to benefit from this technology, we also ideally need 1000fps content and a new cable interface standard that goes beyond HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.1 bandwidth.

16" 8K LCD and WHVA

Also on display from TCL is the highest-resolution laptop panel, measuring 16 inches with 8K resolution for a pixel density of 550ppi. It is an LCD panel with sRGB colors, so it is not ideal for working with graphics, but it is nevertheless a noteworthy development.

Display Week 2024

Left: 14" OLED, Middle: HVA LCD, Right: Tandem Trifold OLED.

In addition, TCL CSOT is showcasing its wide-angle HVA (WHVA), an evolution of the classic VA LCD panel. FlatpanelsHD first reported on the WHVA technology at CES 2024 in January in our article 'Did TCL just solve LCD's viewing angle problem?'. This technology may appear in TVs in 2025. Also read: LG Display announces a 10,000 nits micro-OLED Additionally, the display maker demonstrated an HFR LCD panel – a variant of IPS LCD – with a 4000:1 contrast ratio, a significant increase of IPS LCD's 1000-1500:1 contrast today. There were also other prototypes, as outlined below:

TCL CSOT prototypes at Display Week 2024

In the company's own words:
  • Honored with the People's Choice Awards for Best LCD-Based Technology, the 85" 8K Flat Pro features the first 4-mask process and the largest 1G1D display size for an 8K LCD screen, delivering exceptional image quality with high transmittance comparable to 4K screens. It offers an impressive viewing experience with its rapid 5ms GTG response time. With stunning 8K4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, it creates an immersive, lifelike viewing experience. Utilizing advanced 1G1D technology, it achieves the largest 8K LCD screen size available. Its sleek design features a glass back cover, eliminating steel and plastic to seamlessly blend technology and artistry while promoting sustainability.
  • The World's First 14" Inkjet Printing QD-EL Display was awarded the People's Choice Awards for Best New Display Component. The display offers vibrant and crisp visuals with 2.8K resolution and surpasses BT2020's color gamut by over 85%. The wide-ranging 30-120Hz VRR refresh rate ensures smooth viewing. Thanks to high-efficiency QD materials for printing and a simplified manufacturing process, the cost is significantly reduced.
  • 14" 2.8K Inkjet Printing Hybrid OLED Display by TCL CSOT, a groundbreaking leap in notebook display technology. With an immersive resolution of 2.8K and a high refresh rate of 120Hz, users can enjoy exceptional picture quality and an ultra-smooth viewing experience. By using Hybrid OLED technology, the display offers a thin and portable design, enhancing mobility and convenience in daily life, while the spontaneous light technique ensures vibrant and true-to-life colors. With the inclusion of a new type of Oxide compensation circuit technology, this display adapts seamlessly to diverse usage scenarios with unparalleled versatility.
  • The World’s First 7.85" Tandem Trifold Screen, a pioneering display solution designed to take user experience to new heights. This self-developed three-fold screen supports both "G-shaped" and "Z-shaped" folding, offering exceptional flexibility. By combining Tandem, LTPO, and PLP technologies, this screen has achieved a comprehensive enhancement in key performance metrics, such as high brightness, low power consumption, and extended lifespan.
  • The 85'' UD w-HVA Pro, TCL CSOT's latest flagship 85'' TV designed to rival OLED displays in performance and quality. This product features innovative super wide-angle HVA (w-HVA) technology for consistent image quality at a CESI viewing angle of 178°, allowing users to enjoy stunning content from any perspective. With its large size and high definition, coupled with an extremely high refresh rate of 144Hz, the TV delivers an outstanding viewing experience. With a low reflection rate of 1.4%, the impact of ambient lights is minimized, offering an immersive viewing experience ideal for sports and high-frame-rate movies, even in bright indoor environments.
  • TCL CSOT's World’s First 57" 8K 6.9mm Thickness MLED MNT, the ultimate monitor boasting ultra-high resolution, extreme curvature, ultra-high refresh rate, super-high color gamut, and -slim thickness features. Its 32:9 ultra-wide screen with R1000 curvature provides an immersive viewing experience, while a peak brightness of 1600 nits and HDR 1400 compatibility deliver stunning visual clarity and dynamic range. With over 11,000 local dimming zones yielding OLED-like contrast ratios and its “Halo S-grade” performance, as well as Freesync Premium Pro compatibility ensuring a lifelike and immersive gaming experience, this monitor sets a new standard in gaming excellence.
  • The World’s First Ln-Oxide 14" MUX 1:3 Display, featuring an outstanding display ratio and innovative solutions to enhance mobility. It boasts an ultra-high mobility at 30-50 cm²/(V·s), offering users a richer visual experience based on Ln-Oxide technology developed with NVO. With its specific demux 1:3 structure, production costs are significantly reduced while maintaining top-notch display functionality. Compatible with G8.6 processes, this display represents a milestone in display technology innovation.
  • The cutting-edge, World’s First 7.85" Under Screen Face Auth Display, raising the bar for OLED technology with its innovative design. This screen is the first OLED screen to integrate Sensor Under Panel (SUP) technology, enabling seamless face authentication functionality and full screen display capability. The SUP area is designed to be 420PPI, consistent with the AA area, which can achieve the minimum difference in color brightness between the two areas and present better display delicacy.
  • The World's Highest CR 4000:1 HFS MNT, introducing a new standard in visual excellence amidst growing demand for advanced display solutions. With an impressive contrast ratio of up to 4000:1 and a wide color gamut covering DCI-P3 99%, this monitor delivers stunningly vivid and lifelike images. Its sleek design features equal-width borderless display for all four sides, with a narrow border measuring just 4.0mm, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.
  • The World's Highest Resolution 16" 8K Laptop Display, a pinnacle of display technology. Boasting ultra-high resolution and a remarkable pixel density of 550PPI, this display delivers razor-sharp image quality, redefining benchmarks of visual excellence. With a color gamut reaching sRGB 100%, every detail is depicted with remarkable accuracy and vibrancy, offering an unmatched viewing experience.
  • The World's Highest Refresh Rate 4K 1000Hz MNT, TCL CSOT’s groundbreaking innovation that is set to herald a new era in gaming. As the world's first 4K 1000Hz ultra-high refresh rate gaming monitor, it is offering a glimpse into the future of esports. Engineered with TCL CSOT's proprietary P2P national standard protocol (CSPI), it ensures unmatched performance and responsiveness. With industry-leading 6Gbps transmission and adaptive equalizer technology, users are able to immerse themselves in a game like never before.
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