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LG Display announces a 10,000 nits micro-OLED

17 May 2024 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG is pushing the limits of OLED brightness and resolution with its latest 1.3-inch prototypes for VR and smartwatches that reach 10,000 nits and 4K resolution, respectively.

At Display Week 2024, LG Display is showcasing the latest developments in micro-OLED, also known as OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon), and OLED panels for TVs and monitors.

The highlight is a new 1.3-inch micro-OLED that reaches a brightness of 10,000 nits, double the brightness of the lauded 5,000 nits micro-OLED displays in Apple Vision Pro (only 100-200 nits hit the eye). 10,000 nits are made possible through the use of micro lenses (MLA), according to LG Display.

micro-OLED 10000 nits

LG DIsplay's 10,000 nits micro-OLED for VR

- "Despite being the size of a coin at 1.3-inch, it achieves an ultra-high brightness of 10,000 nits and an ultra-high resolution of around 4,000 ppi, which is in the 4K class. In addition, its color expression accuracy is realized by meeting more than 97% of the DCI-P3 standard color area of the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)," explained LG. "OLEDoS for VR combines a newly developed high-performance OLED element with the company’s Micro Lens Array (MLA), a technology that maximizes light emittance, to improve brightness by about 40% compared with the standard level." In the lead-up to the launch of the Vision Pro, both LG Display and Samsung Display have announced plans to invest more resources into micro-OLED. At CES 2024, Samsung Display also unveiled new micro-OLED prototypes.

4K in a smartwatch

Unlike conventional OLED panels, micro-OLED is deposited on a silicon wafer substrate – just like microchips. This production method enables micro-OLED to reach incredible pixel density, such as 4K in a 1.3-inch panel. - "LG Display is additionally exhibiting OLEDoS for smartwatches, the first of its kind. At 1.3-inch in size, it features a 4K resolution that allows content to be displayed clearly even on the wrist. It is also equipped with glasses-free 3D technology called light field technology, which has holographic-like effects," the company said. Micro-OLED production is not suited for TV or monitor panels at this time due to the larger size. Also read: TCL unveils 1000Hz LCD, 14" QD-EL (NanoLED), 16" 8K LCD, and more

micro-OLED 10000 nits

LG DIsplay's 4K micro-OLED for smartwatches

A more transparent OLED

Later this year, LG Electronics will launch its first transparent OLED TV, as announced at CES 2024. It is built on LG Display's transparent OLED panel. LG Display has now managed to increase transparency from 45% to 60%. It is not clear if LG Electronics' set will use the old or new panel. - "LG Display’s exhibits in San Jose furthermore include a new technology that can raise the transparency of Transparent OLEDs from 45% to 60% by optimizing their pixel structure and operating parts," announced LG Display. In addition, LG Display showcased its line-up of OLED MLA 2.0 panels for TVs and monitors, which are making their way to the market in consumer products as we speak. The company also highlighted its tandem OLED technology, recently put in the spotlight by Apple with the launch of the new iPad Pros. LG Display has developed tandem OLED for use in cars since 2019.

transparent OLED

LG Display's new, more transparent OLED panel

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