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MicroLED monitors inch closer

22 May 2024 | Rasmus Larsen |

No longer assembled from small modules with visible seams, AUO's new 31-inch microLED display is the world's largest made from a single module. It can be used for monitors.

AUO, the Taiwanese display maker competing with LG Display and Samsung Display, is emerging as one of the frontrunners in the field of microLED display technology.

The company has already started mass production of small microLED displays in partnership with PlayNitride, with plans to later expand to TVs.

Samsung Electronics has already begun small-scale production of microLED TVs, but seven years after "launch", the TVs remain extremely expensive and are still assembled from smaller modules with visible seams.

Largest single-module microLED

At Display Week 2024, AUO referred to its latest panel as a breakthrough, stating that at 31 inches, it is the largest single-module microLED display. - "AUO has overcome the challenges associated with yield rates of large screens and unveils the world's largest single screen size, 31-inch Large Size Micro LED display. This display incorporates advanced driving technology and A.R.T. (Advanced Reflectionless Technology), featuring specialized surface treatments that minimize glare from ambient light, accurately rendering images both indoors and outdoors. Its bezel-less design offers a super-wide viewing angle, liberates displays from size constraints, seamless tiling into an infinitely large screen for breathtaking visual effect. Additionally, its applications can be extended to the medical management field," the company announced.


AUO's single-module 31-inch microLED display. Photo: AUO

The panel can be used for monitors, with the company hinting that it is targeting the medical field, suggesting that it is still too expensive for the consumer market. It delivers 500 nits peak brightness but the resolution was not disclosed. Nevertheless, it is an important step forward for microLED technology, which, despite its many setbacks, could still challenge OLED and QD-OLED in the future. Also read: TCL unveils 1000Hz LCD, 14" QD-EL (NanoLED), 16" 8K LCD, and more

Foldable and transparent microLED

At Display Week 2024, AUO also unveiled a 17.3-inch foldable microLED display with 1000 nits brightness and 100% AdobeRGB color coverage. Additionally, AUO showcased a 60-inch transparent microLED – made from modules – with a brightness of 600 nits and a transparency rate of 60%, matching LG Display's latest transparent OLED panel, which, however, is not made from modules.

Foldable MicroLED

Foldable microLED. Photo: AUO

Transparent microLED

Transparent microLED. Photo: AUO

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