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Netflix app to be removed from 2014 Sony TVs

31 May 2024 | Rasmus Larsen |

If you still use the Netflix app on your 2014 Sony TV, you need to start looking for an alternative as the app will cease working on July 24.

Netflix decides when to stop supporting older TVs, but it is the TV manufacturer's decision not to keep the TV platform up-to-date on older models, making it hard for Netflix and others to maintain app support.

Last year, Sony announced that Netflix would stop working on 2011-2013 TVs as well as Blu-ray players. This month, it has announced that the app will also stop working on 2014 Sony models.

Sony X9 Netflix

The list of affected devices includes the iconic Sony X9 series

- "Starting July 24, 2024, the Netflix app will no longer be supported on some 2014 BRAVIA televisions (Affected Models). You can continue to use the Netflix app until July 23, 2024," Sony announced. The change will affect all regions, including North America, Europe and Asia. You can see the affected 2014 Sony models in the table below.

Seek an alternative

It is not a good idea to buy a new Smart TV solely because apps stop working on older models, as the same thing will eventually happen on the new TV. Instead, buy a new TV when you want to upgrade in size or picture quality. For streaming apps, we recommend the Apple TV 4K box. It can be controlled via your TV's remote as long as your TV supports HDMI CEC. Apple's remote can also turn your TV on/off and adjust the volume. Also read: Review: Apple TV 4K (2022) There are cheaper alternatives such as FireTV, Roku, and Chromecast with Google TV, but they are increasingly turning into ad billboards for not just streaming content but also general items like food and cars.

Affected 2014 Sony models

Europe: S9 Series KD-65S9005B KD-75S9005B W5 Series KDL-48W585B W6 Series KDL-40W605B KDL-48W605B KDL-60W605B W7 Series KDL-32W705B KDL-32W706B KDL-42W705B KDL-42W706B KDL-50W705B KDL-50W706B W70 Series KDL-32W705C KDL-40W705C KDL-48W705C W8 Series KDL-42W805B KDL-42W815B KDL-42W817B KDL-42W828B KDL-42W829B KDL-50W805B KDL-50W815B KDL-50W817B KDL-50W828B KDL-50W829B KDL-55W805B KDL-55W815B KDL-55W817B KDL-55W828B KDL-55W829B W85 Series KDL-60W855B W95 Series KDL-55W955B KDL-65W955B X85 Series KD-49X8505B KD-55X8505B KD-65X8505B KD-70X8505B X9 Series KD-55X9005B KD-65X9005B KD-79X9005B X95 Series KD-65X9505B KD-85X9505B North America: KDL-60W610B KDL-60W630B KDL-55X830B KDL-65X830B KDL-70X830B XBR-55X800B XBR-65X800B XBR-49X850B XBR-55X850B XBR-65X850B XBR-70X850B XBR-55X900B XBR-65X900B XBR-79X900B XBR-65X950B XBR-85X950B

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