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Sony 2024 TV line-up (with TV compare tool)

05 Jun 2024 | Flatpanels |

Sony is pushing for higher peak brightness with the launch of Bravia 9, while also making miniLED LCD more affordable with Bravia 7. Bravia 8 replaces the A80L as the more affordable OLED, while A95L continues as the flagship QD-OLED TV. Here's Sony's 2024 TV line-up.

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Sony is shaking things up in 2024 with a new, simpler model nomenclature and fewer models under the banner 'Cinema is coming home.' To match its new TVs, Sony is also introducing similar-named soundbars. The new models are the Bravia 9 (XR90, miniLED LCD), Bravia 8 (XR80, WOLED), Bravia 7 (XR70, miniLED LCD) and Bravia 3 (S30, LCD). The latter will only be available in select regions.
Bravia 9 Quad
Sony Bravia 9 paired with the new Bravia Theater Quad speakers. Photo: Sony
Before we get to the new models, we should emphasize that a number of existing Sony models will continue to be available. The existing A95L QD-OLED, which was launched late in 2023, will carry over to 2024 as one of two flagships, according to Sony, who basically sees it as a 2024 model as it was the first with the new hardware platform (Pentonic 1000). A95L will also receive the 2024 features via firmware update. The new Bravia 9 represents the 2024 miniLED LCD flagship. However, note that A95L still has a higher model number than XR90 (Bravia 9). While the absence of a new QD-OLED may seem surprising at first, remember that Sony has pursued the same strategy several times in the past, having flagships carry over and continue in the market for two or more years. In fact, Sony's Z9K from 2022 will carry over once again in 2024 as the 8K flagship, and A90K will carry over again as small 42-48-inch OLED TVs. The other models that will carry over to 2024 are: X90L, 83" A80L, X85L, X80L and X75WL (Europe). Since these are existing models, we have not included them here, but you can learn more about them in the 2023 Sony TV line-up overview or compare them side-by-side with the new models for 2024 using the orange compare icon in the TV Database.

Sony Bravia 9 miniLED

Sony Bravia 9. Photo: Sony

Bravia 9 will be Sony's most advanced and brightest miniLED LCD to date, with three times as many dimming zones and up to 50% higher brightness compared to last year's X95L, according to Sony. FlatpanelsHD has seen it in action a few times already, so read our first look article here. Also, read our article on Sony's work to pursue 4000 nits as the next step for HDR. Bravia 9 will be available in 75 and 85 inches in Europe, plus 65 inches in North America – a surprising twist, as it is usually the other way around. In addition to thousands of miniLED zones in the 'XR Backlight Master Drive', Bravia 9 features Sony's XR Processor, an anti-reflection filter (X-Anti Reflection), and a wide viewing angle filter (X Wide Angle).

Sony Bravia 9 miniLED

The exposed miniLED backlight of Samsung's 'Neo QLED' (left) vs. Sony's Bravia 9 (right). Notice the differences in zone dimming. Photo: FlatpanelsHD

Bravia 8 is the new OLED range (LG Display WOLED panel) to replace A80L. It will be available in 55, 65 and 77 inches with 10% higher peak brightness, according to Sony, as well as upgraded system hardware (Pentonic SoC) to ensure that it now also supports Dolby Vision at 4K 120Hz. Bravia 7 is bringing Sony's miniLED technology to a more affordable price class for the first time. Sony confirmed to FlatpanelsHD that its Bravia 7 basically delivers the X95L's miniLED performance. It is said to have 8 times as many dimming zones as X90L, which, as mentioned, will carry over to 2024.

Sony Bravia 8 OLED

Sony Bravia 8 OLED. Photo: Sony

In addition to Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode and Sony Pictures Core Calibrated Mode (formerly Bravia Core), 2024 Sony TVs will be the first to gain Prime Video Calibrated Mode, as introduced here. The TVs still feature the Sony Picture Core (Bravia Core) app with up to 80 Mbps video streaming bitrates, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. IMAX Enhanced is still there, too, and Disney+ is first to offer DTS:X sound as part of the IMAX Enhanced initiative. Unfortunately, you still have to use the TV's WiFi as the Ethernet port is still limited to 100Mbps, which is not enough for 80Mbps streaming due to overhead. In regard to audio, the 2024 Sony TVs still support Acoustic Center Sync, which lets you use the TV as a center speaker with a compatible Sony sound system. A new feature this year is Voice Zoom 3, which uses an AI-trained algorithm to accurately extract voices from movies and TV content, allowing the user to enhance (or reduce) clarity using a slider. FlatpanelsHD has heard it in action and it is very effective.

Sony Bravia 9 Atmos

Bravia 9 is the first Sony TV with up- and side-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos. Photo: Sony

At the same time, Sony Bravia 9 features an upgraded speaker system (Acoustic Multi-Audio+) with the "world's first beam tweeter at the top" and side tweeters, according to Sony. In other words, Sony has implemented up- and side-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Again, FlatpanelsHD has had a chance to hear it in action. As part of its environmental plan called Road to Zero, to achieve zero environmental impact by 2050, Sony is introducing a new power consumption visualization as part of the Eco Dashboard. On that note, Sony said that Bravia 9 is more energy efficient overall than the X95L, mainly due to the significant increase in dimming zones. There is also a rechargeable Eco Remote.

Sony Bravia 9 Eco

Sony's new Eco Dashboard provides an estimate of power consumption

All Sony models still run Google TV with access to streaming apps including Prime Video, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Disney+, and Netflix as well as built-in Google Cast and Apple AirPlay. Sony still offer its Game Menu with quick access to gaming functions. Like A95L, the 2024 models will get the MediaTek Pentonic SoC, which adds support for Dolby Vision at up to 4K 120Hz. However, there are still only two HDMI 2.1 ports. Unlike some of its competitors, Sony is not jumping to 144Hz which for now remains a PC format. The HDMI 2.1 ports support VRR, ALLM and eARC as well as Sony's PS5 features. There is still no support for QMS (Quick Media Switching).
Bravia 8
Sony Bravia 8 with one of the new soundbars underneath. Photo: Sony
Sony's 2024 models support AV1 decoding but there is still no support for VVC (H.266) which is the next step after HEVC (H.265). The TVs support HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, but Sony is still not warming up to HDR10+. Like A95L, the 2024 models will support WiFi 6. In addition, they feature an ATSC 3.0 tuner, except Bravia 3. Sony will again use the same model names across Europe, North America and other regions but there is the new model nomenclature. The 2024 generation is denoted 'XR', for example XR90 for Bravia 9 (LCD) and XR80 for Bravia 8 (OLED). A reminder: AL/XL = 2023, AK/ZK/XK = 2022, AJ/ZJ/XJ = 2021, AH/XH/ZH = 2020, AG/XG/ZG = 2019, AF/XF = 2018, A/XE = 2017, XD = 2016, XC = 2015, XB = 2014, XA = 2013. Sony's 2024 models will be available starting in June. Pricing details can be found below.

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