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TCL 2024 TV line-up (with TV compare tool)

19 Jun 2024 | Flatpanels |

TCL is pushing brightness beyond 5000 nits with X955/QM851G and introducing a full line-up of 98-inch TVs with 4K resolution, ranging from entry-level to high-end. The majority of the models now feature Google TV. Here is TCL's 2024 TV line-up.

We have redesigned our TV line-up overview to include more data and technical information (under TV models click on to expand the view). We are also introducing an interactive TV compare tool (use to add TVs to compare tool). It's all powered by the TV Database.
We have confirmed that TCL's European and North American TV line-ups in 2024 differ only in name for many models, except for minor details such as the regional tuner or speaker power. For example, the X955 is the European equivalent of North America's QM851G, while the X955 Max corresponds to the QM891G.
TCL X955 QM850G
TCL X955 / QM851G. Photo: TCL
FlatpanelsHD has therefore decided to combine all of them into a single TV line-up overview, although we are still – for now – separating the models based on regional model numbers. You can always see alternative names for each TV model in the TV Database. Here are the US vs. EU equivalent 2024 models:

TCL 2024 TVs - North America vs. Europe equivalents

US model numberEU model number
QM891GX955 Max
Q681GC655 Pro
How did TCL arrive here? Previously, TCL exclusively used Roku in North America and Google TV in Europe. In recent years, the company has streamlined its TV strategy to focus on Google TV as its main operating system in all Western markets – China remains an exception. Additionally, TCL offers a few entry-level or mid-range Roku TVs and FireTV models. Launched in late 2023 in Europe and unveiled in early 2024 in North America, TCL's 2024 miniLED LCD flagship is the X955 (Europe) / QM851G (North America) with over 5000 dimming zones and 5000 nits peak brightness in boost mode. FlatpanelsHD has already had the opportunity to examine and measure it. See our first look article here. Stepping down from the QM8/X955, you still get miniLED or FALD backlight technology but with fewer dimming zones and lower brightness. The number of zones is listed for most models further down. TCL's extensive range of miniLED LCD TVs is set to challenge especially Samsung's "QLED" strategy head-on. The Chinese brand is following the playbook that South Korean TV makers – LG and Samsung – wrote almost two decades ago. Notably, TCL is now producing VA LCD panels for many Samsung TVs. While TCL has so far avoided OLED, it is also in the process of setting up manufacturing facilities, potentially leading to a third OLED TV panel type, RGB OLED. A big development, literally, this year is the introduction of a full line-up of 98-inch 4K models, ranging from high-end (X955 / QM851G) to entry-level TVs without zone dimming. TCL is a pioneer in the field, supplying all 98-inch LCD panels to all TV brands today, so it is no surprise that the Chinese company is changing the status quo for large-sized LCD TVs. It is a new situation in the TV market: a 98-inch 4K LCD TV is now readily available and affordable.

TCL 115 QM891G

TCL's 115-inch X955 / QM891G. Photo: Flatpanels

TCL is also pushing the envelope with the launch of a 115-inch miniLED LCD TV with 4K resolution, over 20,000 dimming zones, and 5000 nits peak brightness, challenging home cinema projectors. This model will be known as X955 Max in Europe and QM891G in North America—again, the exact same TV. Look forward to our review very soon. Also read: TCL can produce TV panels even larger than 115" At this point, 8K is out of the picture. However, TCL is not ruling out 8K for future models. With Google TV across the line-up, TCL's TVs offer built-in Google Cast (Chromecast). In addition, the company has partnered with Apple for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support. TCL is also one of the only brands with multi-HDR support (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision) and support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The TVs are powered by the company's AiPQ video processor and MediaTek Pentonic chips for Dolby Vision support up to 4K 120Hz. However, there are still only two HDMI 2.1 ports with support for 4K120 and VRR, and TCL has yet to add QMS (Quick Media Switching) like LG. TCL TVs are built on 120Hz LCD panels with an optional 144Hz mode that must be enabled manually for PC gaming. However, the company is dipping its toes in 240Hz with the 'Game Accelerator 240' feature that lets the user input a 240Hz signal at half vertical resolution (1080p) from a PC. It is the first step towards a 240Hz TV ecosystem.
TCL C855
TCL C855. Photo: TCL
TCL is starting the transition to WiFi 6, although only the high-end models will have the upgraded radio in 2024. On top of this, you have all the features from last year's models, including AV1 video decoding, Calman Ready (following a firmware update), the Game Bar, and more. You can recognize a 2024 TCL TV in North America by the model number ending in '1', for example, QM851G. The 2023 models ended in '0', i.e. QM850G. The model number will end in G for Google TV models, F for Fire TVs, and R for Roku TVs. In Europe, 2024 models can be recognized by the number '5' in the model name. For example C855 (while C845 is a 2023 model and C835 is a 2022 model). Here is the 2024 TV line-up with European models first and North American models after. The overview will automatically get updated if TCL announces additional models for the second half of the year. Follow the price links to see local retailers.

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