Haiers OLED TV
Chinese Haier is also exhibiting a 55" OLED-TV

09 Sep 2013 | Rasmus Larsen

When one thinks of OLED TVs it is usually from one of the South Korean or Japanese TV makers. But at this year’s IFA 2013, Chinese Haier was also showcasing a 55-inch OLED TV.

Chinese Haier’s OLED TV

Haier’s OLED-TV is 55 inches in size, which is the exact same as LG and Samsung’s OLED TVs, although this one has a very different design.

Chinese Haier’s OLED-TV was exhibited at IFA

FlatpanelsHD tried to get details more details on the TV from several Haier employees, but they wouldn’t tell us much. They say that it is a 55-inch OLED TV that is still considered a prototype. It’s only 4 mm deep and has a 1.5 mm bezel around the OLED panel. The fact that it is a 55” might indicate that it uses an OLED panel from one of the South Korean TV makers, but it is hard to imagine Samsung or LG supplying Haier, a competitor, with OLED panels at this stage. It could naturally also mean that the Chinese are further in OLED development than most of us imagine.

Chinese Haier’s OLED-TV was exhibited at IFA

If that’s the case it could certainly increase competition in the field, and put pressure on prices. The Chinese TV makers are already dumping prices on 4K TVs in the US, so 2014 could sure be interesting.

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