This year, Samsung will release more Ultra HD TVs than ever before, including the new S'UHD TVs that move beyond 4K resolution. Most of the new TVs are curved and Samsung is changing its Smart TV platform yet again to one running Tizen. FlatpanelsHD brings you a full overview of Samsung’s 2015 line-up.
The big themes are Ultra HD and Android TV that will replace Sony’s current Smart TV platform. Sony’s high-end TV will also support HDR (high dynamic range), which will make movies brighter and more spectacular. Here is a full overview of Sony’s 2015 TV line-up.
Ultra HD will be in the 6 series TVs and up, whereas Full HD is disappearing. LG is still the only TV manufacturer who can produce the amazing OLED TVs. This year, LG will take OLED to the next level with its Ultra HD OLED TVs. FlatpanelsHD brings a full overview of LG’s 2015 TV line-up.
The first big theme is Ultra HD, which will expand to more models than ever. The second big theme is Android TV, which Philips will embrace fully and integrate as its TV platform into two thirds of the line-up. FlatpanelsHD brings you a full overview of the 2015 TVs.
Panasonic has unveiled its 2015 line-up of TVs, and here is a full overview. Most of the new TVs offer Ultra HD resolution and the high-end TVs add HDR and wider colors gamuts. Panasonic will switch to Firefox OS as its new TV platform and launch its first curved TVs.
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