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Sony Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T1
Sony launches 3D helmet with 2 OLED screens

By Rasmus Larsen (@flatpanels)
01 Sep 2011

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We introduced Sony's futuristic 3D helmet back in January 2011. Since then Sony has worked hard to make the final improvements to the gadget and the 3D helmet is ready for sale in November 2011. Called Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1) the 3D helmet creates an illusion of a 750-inch screen watched from a viewing distance of 20 meters.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1)

Sony exhibited the 3D concept back in January 2011 at CES 2011. The product was showcased as a prototype and Sony has now made a number of improvements to the product.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer
Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1)

These efforts are combined in the final Sony Personal 3D Viewer - or HMZ-T1 - product. It a kind of 3D helmet, mounted in front of the eyes to create an immersive 3D experience. The design has changed from the CES 2011 prototype that featured a completely white design with blue LEDs at the front and on the sides. The final product is now black and white with a better light shielding solution at the top and a strap at the back.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer
Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1)

The 3D effect is created with two 0.7-inch OLED screens - one for each eye. Both OLED panels come with a 1280x720 pixel resolution and a lightning fast 0.001 ms response time. Sony claims that a 45-degree construction inside the helmet creates an illusion of watching a 750-inch screen from a distance of 20 meters.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer
Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1)

The 3D helmet requires the small black box seen in the picture above. In this controller box the user can connect other HDMI devices such as gaming consoles or Blu-ray players. The box also features HDMI output for connecting a TV.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer
Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1)

And sound? Sony says that they have incorporated an impressive and immersive sound system with simulated 5.1 surround sound for the ultimate experience.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer
Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1)

Sony HMZ-T1 will hit stores in Japan on November 11, but it will probably follow on other markets shortly after. The price is 60,000 yen – or approximately 783 USD.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer
Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1)

Sony will be exhibiting the fancy gadget at IFA 2011 from tomorrow. We will take a closer look and give you some hands-on impressions in a separate article.


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