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Samsung ES7500 LED
Samsung's ES7500, ES6800 & ES6100 LED line-up

By Rasmus Larsen (@flatpanels)
25 Jan 2012

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We have already unveiled Samsung’s flagship ES8000 LED model and here is what we have been able to confirm about the cheaper LED ranges. Samsung introduces ES7500, ES6800 & ES6100 along with non-3D models dubbed EHxxxx.

Samsung's 2012 LED line-up

Samsung provided only scattered details about their LED line-up at CES. We already know that the flagship model is called ES8000 and we have been able to confirm some details on the cheaper ES7500 (ES7000 also mentioned), ES6800 (ES6500 also mentioned) & ES6100 LED ranges.

Samsung’s 7 LED series
Samsung’s 7 LED series

Samsung’s ES7500 range is basically identical to the ES8000 besides a so-called “Ultimate Micro Dimming” system on ES8000. ES7500 has “Micro Dimming”. Besides that both models offer 960 Hz CMS (800 Hz in Europe), active 3D with shutter-glasses, Wi-Fi and Full HD panels.

Samsung’s 6 LED series
Samsung’s 6 LED series

Samsung’s entire 2012 LED line-up is based on the Edge LED backlighting system. ESxxxx characterizes 3D models and EHxxxx are non-3D models. Smart TV is offered in all models except the cheapest one, and ES7500 will incorporate the same voice, gesture and face recognition systems as the ES8000 flagship TV. Samsung is also expanding their slim bezel design in 2012 down to the 6 series models.

Learn more about the ES8000 TV here. The other LED ranges are listed below.

Samsung ES7500 / ES7000
  • Slimmest bezel
  • Edge LED with micro dimming
  • 960 / 800 Hz (CMR)
  • Smart TV with Smart Interaction (dual-core)
  • Active 3D
  • Wi-Fi

    Samsung ES7500 will be available in 46, 55, 60 and 65 inches (possibly 75 inches).

    Samsung ES6800
  • Slim bezel
  • Edge LED with micro dimming
  • 480 / 400 Hz (CMR)
  • Smart TV
  • Active 3D
  • Wi-Fi

    Samsung ES6800 will be available in 40, 46, 55, 60 and 65 inches.

    Samsung ES6100
  • Slim bezel
  • Edge LED
  • 120 / 100 Hz
  • Smart TV
  • Active 3D
  • Wi-Fi

    Samsung ES6100 will be available in 40, 46, and 55 inches.

    FlatpanelsHD will provide a full TV line-up overview of Samsung’s 2012 TVs later.

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