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Samsung OLED-TV to cost 9000 USD
Samsung prices 55" OLED-TV at $9000

By Rasmus Larsen (@flatpanels)
10 May 2012

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Samsung’s 55-inch OLED-TV will cost over ”10 million won”, which is approximately 9000 USD, a Samsung spokesperson has told Associated Press. It is still planned for the second half of 2012.

Samsung 55” OLED-TV to cost $9000

Samsung has finally started to share a few details about their first commercial OLED-TV. Today, a Samsung spokesperson has told Associated Press that the company’s first 55-inch OLED-TV will cost ”over 10 million won”, or approximately 9000 USD, when it arrives in South Korea.

Samsung’s 55-inch Super OLED-TV
Samsung’s 55-inch Super OLED-TV will cost around $9000

This is the first official indication we have heard from a Samsung spokesperson, after the OLED-TV was unveiled at CES 2012 in Las Vegas back in January. The spokesperson confirms that Samsung will release the TV in the second half of 2012 but Samsung also says that they have managed to produce the first models for the consumer market.

LG’s 55-inch OLED-TV is expected to retail at around 8000 USD, making it considerably cheaper than Samsung’s OLED-TV, unless the companies change their plans.

The Samsung spokesperson end the interview by saying that it will take 2-3 years until OLED displays will be price competitive in the mainstream market.

- Source: Associated Press


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