Sony X80D

Sony officially unveils X80D, X75D and X70D 4K Android TVs

29 Jun 2016 | Rasmus Larsen |

Just a few days after we reported on the new TVs, Sony has officially unveiled X70D, X75D and X80D for the US market. All three come with 4K resolution, HDR processing and Android TV.

Affordable 4K TVs

Sony has unveiled a total of five new TVs divided into three model ranges. Let us start from the bottom with X70D that will become Sony’s most affordable 2016 model with 4K resolution.

Sony X75D

X70D will be available in 49” and 55” sizes, both with 4K resolution. Sony will also make available X75D in 65”. The TVs come equipped with Google’s Android TV operating system. Sony says that X70D and X75D will be “upgradable to HDR compatibility via a firmware update later this year”.

Sony has also unveiled the X80D in 43” and 49” sizes. It offers 4K resolution and features HDR compatibility “to receive and process the new video standard”. No firmware update is required. However, seeing how HDR was implementing on the more expensive X85D, that we recently reviewed, we think that it is advisable to be a little skeptical of those claims of HDR. X80D will also come equipped with Android TV.

Sony did not confirm what type of LCD panel the new TVs employ.

Sony X80D

Android TV and Google Cast

From the Android TV app store you can download apps such as Google Play, Amazon Video, YouTube, Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, and Sony’s new Ultra streaming service as well as games. Google Cast is part of Android TV, meaning that you can use the TVs like a Chromecast.

Sony is furthermore emphasizing a new app from Logitech that will allow you to set up home automation controls directly from the TV. If you want to know more about Logitech’s app see our report from CES 2016 that also includes a video demonstration.

Sony says that all of the TVs are available for pre-sale now through Amazon and Best Buy.

  • 49” Sony XBR-49X700D - $999.99
  • 55” Sony XBR-55X700D - $1,499.99
  • 65” Sony XBR-65X750D - $2,299.99
  • 43” Sony XBR-43X800D - $1,299.99
  • 49” Sony XBR-49X800D - $1,499.99

    Sony X80D

    Sony X80D:

    3840x2160 pixels
    HDR (high dynamic range) compatibility
    Edge LED LCD
    MotionFlow XR 240
    4K Reality Pro picture processor
    Triluminos (wide color gamut)
    Android TV with apps and Google Cast

    Sony X70D / X75D

    3840x2160 pixels
    HDR (high dynamic range) compatibility – requires firmware upgrade
    Direct LED LCD
    MotionFlow XR 240
    4K Reality Pro picture processor
    Triluminos (wide color gamut)
    Android TV with apps and Google Cast

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