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LG 2021 TV line-up

17 Mar 2021 | Flatpanels |

LG has brighter OLED TVs (G1), more affordable OLED TVs (A1), and a larger 4K OLED TV (83 inches). The company is also launching "QNED miniLED" LCD TVs. Highlights include HDMI 2.1, webOS 6.0, and new gaming features. Here's a full overview of LG's 2021 TV line-up.

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LG 2021 TVs

'OLED evo' is the third evolution of the OLED panel after LG first introduced the OLED TV in 2013 and 4K HDR OLED in 2015. 'OLED evo' is a more efficient and brighter OLED panel. It will be available only in LG G1, which comes in 55, 65 and 77 inches. C1 is the successor to CX and for the first time it will be available in 83 inches, in addition to 48, 55, 65, and 77 inches. In 2021, LG is also launching upgraded 8K OLED TVs (Z1), more affordable OLED TVs (B1), and for the first time inexpensive OLED TVs (A1) with a 50/60Hz panel in sizes ranging from 48 to 77 inches.
Another new development from the South Korean company in 2021 is "QNED miniLED". No, it is not a new display technology but rather a more advanced LED backlight for LCD TVs. Like its arch rival Samsung's "QLED", LG will be marketing its top LCD TVs as "QNED miniLED". The company says that QNED is short for "quantum nanocell miniLED". These are the first LCD TVs from LG to take advantage of a miniLED backlight and there are nearly 2500 dimming zones in the largest LCD TV, the company said. A higher number of dimming zones will provide less crude brightness control (mainly for HDR video) compared to standard LCD TVs but 2500 dimming zones in total is still a far cry from the millions of tiny 'dimming zones', or self-emissive pixels, in an OLED TV. That is why OLED is still positioned as the top TV technology, with QNED the step-down option, the company emphasized. Below "QNED" you have "NanoCell", another marketing name for LCD. The "NanoCell" models should in 2021 be seen as upper mid-range TVs that will be available in sizes ranging from 43 to 86 inches with features. LG was the first manufacturer to introduce HDMI 2.1 in TVs in 2019 and of course these features are still available in the 2021 models. This includes HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K120, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel). In addition to HDMI VRR, there is AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync Compatible support in some of the more expensive models. Many of these HDMI 2.1 features are intended for console gaming on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X but more HDMI 2.1-enabled consoles and media players are expected in the future. Follow the link to learn more about HDMI 2.1 in TVs.

LG webOS 6.0

webOS 6.0 now a revamped homescreen in full-screen. It is exclusive to the 2021 models

In 2021, LG will introduce a revamped webOS homescreen. Version 6.0 of webOS abandons the menu at the bottom of the screen in favor of a full-screen menu. The webOS TV platform provides access to apps like Amazon, Disney+, HBO, and Netflix. Version 6.0 of webOS will be reserved for the 2021 models as LG is not providing webOS updates to existing TVs. These TVs are stuck on webOS 5.0, 4.5, 4.0 or whichever version they shipped with. Also read: LG's webOS 6.0 platform for 2021 TVs has a redesigned homescreen Later this year, Google Stadia and GeForce Now will come to webOS as reported here.

LG 2021 G1 OLED TV

LG's 2021 'Gallery' G1 OLED TV

A new feature this year is 'Game Optimizer', which is a central settings hub for all things related to gaming including. It includes a new feature called 'Fine Tune Dark Areas' that lets the user manually adjust black levels in VRR mode. That is because the 'VRR raised black' issue persists in the 2021 OLED panel. G1 and C1 feature an upgraded 'OLED Motion Pro' (BFI) function. A new 'Input Lag Boost' mode lowers input lag to 9.6 ms (for 60Hz content), says LG. The 2021 models support three HDR formats; HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. LG is still ignoring Samsung/Panasonic's HDR10+ format.

LG 2021 TV

LG's new Gallery floor stand is compatible with 2019, 2020 and 2021 OLED TVs

In terms of design, the company highlighted its 'Gallery' G1 OLED TV that can hang flush to the wall. All electronic components are integrated. It will also introduce a Gallery floor stand that will be compatible with 2019 C9/B9 OLED TVs, 2020 GX/CX/BX OLED TVs and 2021 G1/C1/B1/A1 OLED TVs. The 'wallpaper' W-series OLED TV has been discontinued. An upgraded Alpha 9 Gen4 processor has improved "AI" upscaling due to better object recognition and scene detection. Alpha 9-4 also analyzes audio and has the capability to "maintain a consistent level of volume when switching between channels or streaming apps" (Auto Volume Leveling) and a new feature (AI Audio Pro) that can upscale to virtual 5.1.2 surround sound. The more affordable models will be equipped with a scaled-down Alpha 7-4 processor. The TVs support Dolby Atmos decoding but none of them are equipped with up-firing speaker units. You can output Atmos sound via HDMI eARC to a soundbar or receiver. LG is still partnering with Apple to offer the Apple TV app, AirPlay 2, and HomeKit in its TVs. The app provides access to iTunes movies and Apple TV+ in up to 4K Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, while AirPlay 2 lets you push video, music and photos from an iOS or macOS device wirelessly to the TV. HomeKit lets you integrate an LG TV into a connected home system. In addition, it lets you control certain aspects of the TV via the Remote app for iPhone/iPad.
Other features include NFC-powered 'Magic Tap' on the remote control to let you mirror or share content from a mobile device, Calman Ready for easier picture calibration, HGiG Mode for more accurate HDR pictures during gaming, Dolby Vision IQ that adapts the Dolby Vision picture to match your viewing environment, 'AI Brightness Control' that aims to achieve the same thing for non-Dolby Vision sources, AV1 video decoding, Filmmaker Mode to see movies as the director intended, WiSA wireless audio to compatible speakers, Bluetooth virtual surround (5.1), 'TV Sound Mode Share' to pass the Alpha 9/7's audio adjustments to an LG 2021 soundbar, as well as Google Assistant plus Amazon Alexa voice assistant support. The TVs have built-in DVB tuners (Europe) for cable, satellite, and antenna TV. Some of the high-end OLED TVs also support the next-generation ATSC 3.0 tuner (USA). The TVs have built-in WiFi 5 (ac), and Bluetooth 5.0. LG has yet to announce official pricing details but we will update the TV line-up overview as soon as we receive information. Once the TVs become available, the model name and size will become an active and clickable link to price comparison or retailers. You can tell LG 2021 OLED TVs apart from previous years' models by the '1' (1 for 2021) in the model name (i.e. C1): 1 = 2021, X = 2020, 9 = 2019, 8 = 2018, 7 = 2017, 6 = 2016. The new LCD models are designated 'Nano' or 'UN'. A reminder: QNED / UP / Nano = 2021, Nano / UN = 2020, SM / UM = 2019, SK / UK = 2018, SJ / UJ = 2017, UH = 2016, UF = 2015, UB = 2014.

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