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FlatpanelsHD's 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray database lets you find new and existing movies with data on 2K/4K DI, IMDb score, HDR format, object-based audio format, availability, and more. The buttons (and text fields) let you filter by decade, genre, rating, studio etc. The database is updated regularly.

Click on a movie title to be taken to the movie page with additional information; age rating, release year, runtime, alternative availability, and in many cases synopsis, director, cast etc. With the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray database, FlatpanelsHD wants to help shine a spotlight on the physical disc format, which still provides the best picture and audio quality.
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4K DI = 4K Digital Intermediate, edited in 4K (special effects may be lower) 2K DI = 2K Digital Intermediate, edited in 2K & upscaled