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LG 2023 TV line-up

03 Mar 2023 | Flatpanels |

In 2023, LG is launching its first MLA-based OLED TV with G3 as well as a new M3 series of wireless OLED TVs. The company will for the first time support HDMI 2.1 QMS. "QNED" stays while "NanoCell" fades away. Here's a full overview of LG's 2023 TV line-up.

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LG's G3 series will in 2023 be more differentiated from the C3 series than in past years (and retain the slim Gallery design for wall mounting), as it features a new 2023 WOLED panel from LG Display with a Micro Lens Array (MLA), also known as 'META technology'. LG Electronics refers to it as new 'light control architecture' with 'Brightness Booster Max' that is "up to 70% brighter" in terms of full-screen brightness. By using billions of tiny micro lenses, more light can be directed towards the viewer while energy efficiency can be improved as less light is wasted inside the OLED panel. In addition, the improved panel in G3 has wider viewing angles and a new 'Vanta Black' anti-reflective filter. LG Display claims that it can reach up to 2100 nits peak brightness (in Vivid mode), but we need a review sample before we can reach conclusions. More details on the MLA OLED panel can be found here and here is a video that shows the change to the anti-reflective coating on the MLA OLED panel.
LG 2023 OLED
LG's new G3 'Gallery' OLED TV
LG's Z3 will also have a new MLA version of the 8K OLED panel but it will remain extremely expensive. C3, B3 and A3 (which will not be available in the US) will in terms of the OLED panel be largely similar to the 2022 equivalents. C3 and G3 will remain significantly lighter in weight this year due to a new strong composite fiber material – almost 50% lighter for C3 compared to C1 from 2021. And then there is the M3 which is a sort of spiritual successor to LG's now discontinued 'wallpaper' W series. M3 has an external 'Zero Connect' box that connects wireless to the OLED TV, which still needs a power connection. M3 will be available with 4K resolution in 77, 83 and 97 inches.


LG's 97-inch "wireless" M3 OLED TV

A new development this year is support for HDMI 2.1a's QMS (Quick Media Switching) that eliminates the HDMI bonk, or black screen, when switching between different refresh rates (24Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz etc.) during video playback. It will be supported in LG B3 (two HDMI 2.1 ports) and the more premium OLED models (four HDMI 2.1 ports) as well as a few "QNED" LCD models. This is in addition to all the other HDMI 2.1 features already supported in LG TVs such as 4K120 (SDR, HDR10 and Dolby Vision), ALLM, VRR and eARC. At the time of writing, no other TV maker has announced support for QMS. Apple TV 4K (2022) is the first playback device to support QMS. Except A3 and B3, 2023 LG OLED TVs will be powered by the Alpha 9 Gen6 processor. The processor utilizes "AI technology" for enhanced upscaling, object recognition, and HDR tone-mapping. The TVs also feature 'OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro', which is a piece of software designed to enhance brightness and color in up to 20,000 individual picture blocks – an increase over last year's models – and a new 6-step AI Picture Wizard setup process for a personalized picture mode. TV enthusiasts will likely deactivate most of these systems. There are no new OLED TV sizes this year, and no new size additions to any of the ranges.

LG 2023 OLED

LG's 2023 C3, G3 and Z3 OLED TVs. Photo: LG

A third noteworthy change is that LG is bringing back support for DTS audio, saying that "2023 LG TVs from the QNED85 and up plus all OLED TVs will decode the DTS, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced Audio CODECs for the purposes of sending them to an external Audio device that also support these CODECs. LG is not promising that the TV speakers will play back the audio". A fourth development is that LG is phasing out the "NanoCell" branding for its souped-up LCD TVs. A couple of "NanoCell" models will remain available on the market but these are carry-overs from 2022 or earlier. This move was already apparent after LG introduced its "QNED" branding to counter Samsung's "QLED". It's all LCD in some form or another and you cannot even be sure that it involves full array zone dimming or anything else. There are small improvements in LG's "QNED" LCD TV this year such as more granular backlight control, but we do not expect it to change much as IPS LCD is still at the core. The QNED80 has a 33% thinner design at 29.7 mm. The company will continue to offer 8K OLED TVs (Z3), but 8K LCD TVs (QNED99) will only be available in select markets. LG's lifestyle OLED TVs such as Pose and Art90 from 2022 will carry over into 2023. LG's CS OLED range will also carry over in some regions as a cheaper version of the C range. Check the TV Database for more details.

LG webOS 23

webOS 23 will be found in LG's 2023 OLED and LCD TVs. Photo: LG

LG webOS 23, the latest iteration of the webOS platform, has undergone a significant redesign. Featuring a more streamlined look and navigation with quick cards and tabs, webOS 23 continues to be in fullscreen and remains heavy on ads. Still, our first impression is that the new version of webOS improves the user experience. The TVs will also gain Matter support later this year and launch with customizable Quick Settings menu for quick access to frequently used picture and audio settings. Find out more about what's new in webOS 23 here. LG has no plans to bring webOS 23 to any previous TV models. LG TVs are generally stuck on the major version of webOS that they came installed with, which will also apply to the 2023 models when webOS 24 arrives next year in the 2024 models.
LG C3 G3 Z2
LG's C3 with the matching SC9 soundbar that has a specially designed C3 bracket
In terms of audio, the Alpha 9 Gen6 processor boasts Adaptive Sound Control, Auto Balance Control, and up-mixing to 9.1.2 channel surround sound. However, no significant speaker hardware upgrades have been announced. LG's Wow Orchestra system allows the TV's speakers to work in harmony with a compatible LG soundbar, i.e. a 2023 LG soundbar or select 2022 LG soundbars following a firmware update later this year. Dolby Atmos is still supported. LG TVs support three HDR video formats (HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision), but not HDR10+. The Picture-by-Picture (PbP) feature has been improved to display two sources simultaneously, including two HDMI sources. There's an accessibility option to connect a Bluetooth headset with separate volume control from the TV speakers. Next-gen ATSC 3.0 tuner capabilities remain exclusive to the G3 and Z3 models. LG TVs already supported AV1 video decoding in addition to MPEG4, VP9-2 and HEVC. There is nothing new to report on VVC (Versatile Video Decoding). You can tell LG 2023 OLED TVs apart from previous years' models by the number '3' (3 for 2023) in the model name, i.e. C3, so 3 = 2023, 2 = 2022, 1 = 2021, X = 2020, 9 = 2019, 8 = 2018, 7 = 2017, 6 = 2016. The new LCD models are designated QNED or UR. A reminder: QNED / UR = 2023, QNED / UQ / Nano = 2022, QNED / UP / Nano = 2021, Nano / UN = 2020, SM / UM = 2019, SK / UK = 2018, SJ / UJ = 2017, UH = 2016, UF = 2015, UB = 2014. The line-up overview will be updated continuously to reflect any changes or new models announced by LG. Once the TVs become available, the model name and size will become an active and clickable link to price comparison or retailers.

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