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Samsung 2023 TV line-up

22 Feb 2023 | Flatpanels |

Samsung will launch two QD-OLED TV ranges in 2023, both with an improved and brighter 4K panel. There is also a full line-up of "QLED" LCD TVs with either 8K or 4K resolution as well as a refreshed version of The Frame.

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After launching the first QD-OLED TV in 2022 (S95B), Samsung is expanding its 2023 line-up to include two models called S95C and S90C. For the first time, QD-OLED will be available in 77 inches in addition to 55 and 65 inches. And for the first time a QD-OLED TV will be available with the external One Connect box making S95C's design super thin. Both QD-OLED ranges feature a 2023 panel that Samsung Display claims can reach over 2000 nits peak brightness – presumably at high color temperature so we await review samples before we draw conclusions – and improved energy efficiency, meaning lower overall power consumption compared to the 2022 panel despite improvements to picture quality. The 2023 QD-OLED panel still has the triangular pixel structure.
Samsung 2023 S95C
Samsung's flagship S95C QD-OLED TV
With the expansion of QD-OLED we are starting to see real competition to LG Display's WOLED technology that is now widely available in TVs from many brands and will get a boost from MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology this year. However, Samsung still cannot match WOLED's broader line-up ranging from 42 to 97 inches. With significantly brighter QD-OLED TVs, conventional LCD TVs with miniLED backlights are also starting to look less appealing. Samsung will nevertheless continue to offer a full line-up of "Neo QLED" and "QLED" LCD TVs including QN900C, QN800C and QN700C with 8K resolution, and QN95C, QN90C and QN85C with 4K. The premium LCD TVs will have more miniLED dimming zones, reportedly up to 1300 zones, although Samsung declined to provide exact details.

Samsung S95C QD-OLED

Samsung's S95C QD-OLED

The company insists that it will also launch 50 to 140-inch 'micro LED' TVs – real LED TVs – but after having announced this new type of TVs for six years straight at CES without delivering we have good reasons to remain skeptical. Samsung's high-end TVs are powered by the 'Neural Quantum Processor' video processor and some still support up to 144Hz. They have up to four HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K120, VRR, ALLM, and eARC, but so far Samsung has not said anything about support for QMS (Quick Media Switching) that allows frame rate switching without the 'HDMI bonk', or black screen.

Samsung QN900C

Samsung's QN900C 8K LCD TV

In addition, Samsung will launch more basic 'Q' and 'UC' series of LCD TVs without miniLED local dimming and other advanced features. The refreshed line-up of lifestyle models includes The Frame (will be added to the overview later), still with a matte display and now with the option of a metal frame. Models such as The Sero, Serif TV and The Terrace will carry over into 2023 unchanged, meaning that they do not come with the latest version of the Tizen platform. Besides the S95C QD-OLED flagship, 8K LCD models will have the external 'One Connect' box. The QN95C will no longer offer the One Connect in 2023. The TVs also come with Samsung's simplified and rechargeable remote control that can harvest some energy with the help of solar panels. The panels cannot fully charge the remote but only prolong battery life. It can be fully charged with a USB-C charger.


The external One Connect box for select 2023 Samsung TVs

Samsung added support for Dolby Atmos audio in 2022 and the 2023 models still support Atmos decoding and wireless Atmos transmission to compatible Samsung soundbars. There is no news regarding Dolby Vision support. Samsung's 2023 TVs support HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG. The TV speakers can be used in combination with compatible soundbars from Samsung through a system the company calls 'Object Tracking Sound' to expand the number of audio channels. The Tizen platform, now in version 7.0, provides access to streaming apps for video as well as cloud gaming apps through the Gaming Hub including the Xbox app which remains TV-exclusive to Samsung Smart TVs. In 2023, Samsung TVs will gain Matter Thread support that is built directly built into the TVs (no dongle required in 2023). In addition, the TVs will support the new Philips Hue Sync app. The GameBar 3.0 has MiniMap Sharing and Virtual Aim Point for gaming. The Tizen platform has the same fullscreen interface as in 2022 and remains heavy on ads. Samsung has no plans to bring Tizen 3.0 to any of its previous TV models that remain stuck on the Tizen generation that they came with.
Samsung 2023 microLED
Samsung's TVs still support Apple AirPlay 2 and third-party voice assistants, but not Apple HomeKit for home automation. Other notable features are Smart Calibration using a smartphone, a 14-bit LED backlight controller (the panels are still 10-bit) and Shape Adaptive Light Control, and DVB and ATSC 3.0 tuners. Some Samsung TVs support WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, and AV1 decoding. To determine which models offer which features, check the specifications below. You can recognize a Samsung 2023 TV model by the letter 'C' after the model number for the broader LCD and QD-OLED line-up, for example QN95C. High-end models are labeled S*C or QN*C. As a reminder: UC/Q*C/QN*C/S*C = 2023, BU/Q*B/QN*B/S*B = 2022, AU/Q*A/QN*A = 2021, TU/T/Q*T = 2020, RU/R/Q*R = 2019, NU/N/Q*FN = 2018, MU/M/Q = 2017, KS/KU = 2016, JS/JU = 2015, HU/H = 2014, F = 2013. The line-up overview will be updated continuously to reflect any changes or new models announced by Samsung. Once the TVs become available, the model name and size will become an active and clickable link to price comparison or retailers.

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