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Panasonic 2021 TV line-up

22 Apr 2021 | Flatpanels |

Panasonic is bringing its brighter OLED panel to more TVs, launching its first 48-inch OLED TVs, implementing HDMI 2.1 features, and expanding Android TV to the 8-series of LCD TVs. Here is Panasonic's 2021 TV line-up.

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Panasonic 2021 TVs

Panasonic's 2021 TV line-up is once again spearheaded by OLED TVs. JZ2000 is the new flagship OLED TV and the successor to last year's HZ2000. The customized and brighter OLED panel is also coming to the less expensive JZ1500 without the full Dolby Atmos speaker system of the JZ2000. In addition, Panasonic will launch more mainstream JZ1000 and JZ980 OLED TVs. The JZ1500, JZ1000, and JZ980 ranges will be available in 55 and 65 inches, and for the first time 48 inches.
Panasonic JZ2000 OLED
The company is introducing an upgraded 'HCX Pro AI processor' that can optimize the picture based on the type of content being viewed. It includes a 'Game Mode Extreme' feature that further reduces input lag. It demonstrated how the internal processing time is just 10.9 ms for 60Hz and just 2.5 ms for 120Hz VRR, although it will be slightly higher with the screen display time taken into account. - "The HCX Pro AI Processor is able to identify in real time the content being played, by analysing the picture every second. Inside the AI processing enclave within the processor, it then compares what it is seeing against a library of various content which it has learned, in order to be able to automatically optimise both picture and sound quality for that type of content," the company explained. "If it detects that you are watching football, for example, it adjusts the picture quality to make the grass more life-like, the players more realistic, whilst also automatically adjusting the sound to make it feel like you are right there inside stadium." This is part of the company's push into the console gaming market. For the first time, Panasonic TVs will offer HDMI 2.1 ports (2x) for 4K120 input as well as VRR for 4K120. The TVs will also be certified AMD FreeSync Premium. However, there is a caveat. - "At the time of shipping, these ports will support 4K input, but, in the case of 4K High Frame Rate and 4K@120Hz VRR, will only display half the vertical resolution. During 2021 we issue a firmware update which will restore full support for 4K High Frame Rate," the company said. "In the case of 4K@120Hz VRR we will make a further announcement in due time. Please note that resolutions other than 4K@120Hz VRR, such as Full HD and 4K@60Hz VRR, will be supported from time of shipping without issue."

Panasonic 2021 OLED

My Home Screen 6.0

Other new features include AV1 video decoding, a refreshed remote control, and 'HDMI Signal Power Link' (which enables automatic power on from standby and input switching, even for devices which are not compatible with HDMI CEC). Also read: Google, Netflix & YouTube to require AV1 video decoding support The company's My Home Screen platform has reached version 6.0. This includes new features like 'My Scenery' (a selection of restful images and videos) and 'Dual Bluetooth Connection' (allows the TV to transmit sound to two separate Bluetooth devices simultaneously). My Home Screen 6.0 will not be made available to previous models.

Panasonic 2021 OLED

New remote control for Panasonic 2021 OLED TVs

After having launched its first TVs running Google's Android TV last year, Panasonic is bringing the platform one step up to its new 8-series JX800 LCD TVs. Panasonic will also other new LCD models (without Android) like JX940 and JX850, with "more in the pipeline" for later this year. There are no LCD TVs with LED zone dimming capabilities but a few other premium features such as the new HCX video processor and HDMI 2.1 will be available in JX940 (also known as JX970). The new LCD models will be available in sizes up to 75 inches. Panasonic will continue to offer Filmmaker Mode, wide HDR support (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision) as well as the new room adaptive versions; HDR10+ Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ. In terms of audio, JZ2000 will have a Dolby Atmos speaker system with integrated up-firing units. The other models will have more conventional built-in speakers. Again this year, buyers can connect a standard subwoofer directly to the TV.
Panasonic JZ2000
Other features worth highlighting are Calman Ready for easier picture calibration, voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as 'Fast Motion Clarity' (BFI, or black frame insertion). The TVs come with built-in DVB tuners for cable, satellite and antenna feeds. Some of the models will also have twin tuners. The TVs have built-in WiFi 5 (ac) and Bluetooth. Panasonic's 2021 TVs will be available in Europe the first half of year or during summer, depending on the model. Pricing details have yet to be announced but will be added to the overview automatically as soon as we know more. Once the TVs become available, model names and sizes will become active and clickable links to price comparison or retailers. You can tell 2021 TVs apart from previous years’ models by the letter 'J' in the model name (i.e. JZ2000 OLED or JX800 LCD). As a reminder: J = 2021, H = 2020, G = 2019, F = 2018, E = 2017, D = 2016, C = 2015, A = 2014. Panasonic skipped 'B'.

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