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List: TVs with Apple TV app, Apple TV+, AirPlay 2 & HomeKit

04 Feb 2020 | Flatpanels |

Apple is making AirPlay 2, HomeKit and its TV app (required for Apple TV+) available in TVs from other manufacturers. Here is an introduction as well as a continuously updated list of TVs that support the features.

Apple TV features

The small, black Apple TV box offers the same features (and more) but by having AirPlay 2, HomeKit and the Apple TV app embedded in a TV you get an integrated solution. The first partnerships were announced at CES in January 2019 and the first compatible TVs are already available on the market. Amazon, LG, Samsung, Sony, Roku, and Vizio are amongst Apple's partners. Several manufacturers are limiting support to TVs from 2019 or later, but some manufacturers are updating previous models. Not all TVs will support all of Apple's TV features (see table further down).

AirPlay 2 in TVs

With AirPlay 2 you can wirelessly transfer video, music, and other media files from an iPhone, iPad or Mac to the TV screen. AirPlay is supported on the system level in iOS and the button is available from within almost any app - Netflix being an exception. This allows the user to watch almost all streaming content on a TV via AirPlay. AirPlay 2 also lets you use the TV speakers in combination with other AirPlay 2-compatible devices - also known as multi-room. In addition, you can mirror the screen from an iOS or Mac device. On the other hand, AirPlay 2 in TVs do not support Dolby Atmos at this time. It is not possible to output the TV's audio wirelessly to AirPlay-compatible speakers either. These two features are currently reserved for the Apple TV box.

Airplay 2 TV

HomeKit in TVs

HomeKit is Apple's platform for the connected home. With HomeKit in a TV, you can control certain aspects of the TV from an iPhone or iPad or via voice commands to iPhone, iPad, Mac or HomePod. This includes the ability to turn on/off, adjust volume control, and select source.

 Vizio Airplay 2

HomeKit also allows you to include your TV in scenes and automations. These can be set-up from the Home app on an Apple device. For example, you can create a 'movie night' scene that can be activated at the push of a button or through a single voice command to roll down the curtains, turn on the TV, adjust the volume, and dim the lights. All devices must support HomeKit.

 Airplay 2 & HomeKit TV

Apple TV app

The Apple TV app is required to access the Apple TV+ streamings service. It also lets you buy or rent movies and TV shows from iTunes. Lastly, it offers access to 'Apple TV channels', which are partner streaming services such as HBO and Showtime available through Apple's app. The end goal is the make the app a unified interface for all your streaming needs.

Apple TV app

In some regions, the Apple TV app includes sports and kids sections. It was launched globally in May 2019 but the number of supported channels will vary depending on where you live. Netflix is not integrated. The app is also available on Apple's own devices such as the Apple TV box. Only the company's box offers the full user interface and Dolby Atmos support.

Apple TV app

TVs with AirPlay 2, HomeKit & TV app

See the table below for an overview of TVs that support AirPlay 2, HomeKit and the Apple TV app (with Apple TV+). The table is powered by FlatpanelsHD's TV database so it will be updated continuously and automatically. Feel free to bookmark this page. indicates that the feature is available now. indicates that the feature is coming with a later update. Click icon to see the details / launch timing.
2019 Amazon Fire TV Edition TV app
2019 Roku TV TV app
2016 Vizio E, D, M & P-series Airplay HomeKit TV app
2017 Vizio E, M & PAirplay HomeKit TV app
2018 Vizio D, E, M, P & QuantumAirplay HomeKit TV app

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