First-look at the wireless LG LH9500 with LED

23 Jun 2009 | Rasmus Larsen |

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FlatpanelsHD was invited to an exclusive event in Stockholm, Sweden, where LG presented the LH9500 (LH95 in USA) with a wireless media box and LEDs with local dimming. Here, FlatpanelsHD brings you an exclusive first-look at the wireless TV that will be available august 2009, followed by an in-depth article tomorrow with prices, impressions and more.

LG LH9500 - a unique sight

LG announced the LH9500 (LH95) on CES 2009 back in January and since then a lot of people have been eager to learn more.
LG LH9500 (LH95) is the first LCD-TV with an external wireless media box and LEDs with local dimming – combined in one set. Local dimming means that nearly 3,500 LEDs behind the LCD panel in LH9500 are controlled locally in zones, allowing the TV to achieve a very deep reproduction of black and therefore a very high contrast ratio.

LG LH9500
LG LH9500

Wireless Communications

LG LH9500 requires no cables (besides power). Picture and sound information is transmitted to the screen via a wireless media box, which you can hide in the drawer or the room next to the TV, leaving an elegant almost cable-free screen on the wall. In this box you can connect your Blu-Ray player, gaming console, DVD and PC and the box automatically transmits picture and sound wirelessly to the TV screen.

LG LH9500
LG LH95000

LG uses the so-called SI-beam transmitting on a 60 GHz frequency, developed by Amimon. LG says that with LH9500 picture and sound quality is untouched because it’s transmitted uncompromised to the TV. This also ensures pictures in Full HD (1080p) resolution without compression (we get back to this in tomorrow’s in-depth article).

Slim TV

LG LH9500 is just 2.5 cm thick (at the thinnest point), despite the large 55-inch screen and the LEDs with local dimming. The secret is newly developed light diffusers that allow a backlit LED TV with local dimming to be almost as thin as the Edge LED models out there.

LG has also planned a 47-inch version but according to LG the price gap is not very large and therefore the 47-inch model will not be available in all countries.

LG LH9500
LG LH95000

- "Thin despite advanced LED technology. With a special optic in front of each LED we have succeeded in producing a uniquely thin LED TV on 55 inches, which is only 2.9 cm thick (at its thickest part). Usually a direct LED technique means a bulky TV, but with the LH9500 we can satisfy our most demanding customers who will not renounce design nor technique" says Joakim Örnstig, Product Manager, LG Electronics.

Check in again tomorrow to read our in-depth article about LG’s LH9500 presentation in Stockholm - with prices, release date, video and a lot more pictures. Make sure to subscribe to the FlatpanelsHD Newsletter to receive notice.

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