Philips 3D Cinema 21:9 presentation
Philips unveils 3D Cinema 21:9 - with video

03 Mar 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

We briefly touched on the new 3D Cinema 21:9 in our previous article and here we present it to you with a video of the first unveiling ever. The new 3D Cinema 21:9 utilizes the extra wide 21:9 cinema aspect ratio and this year Philips has introduced new technical features as well as a new design. Launching summer 2010.

Philips 3D Cinema 21:9

The first Philips Cinema 21:9 was unveiled in 2009 as the first flat panel TV to utilize the extra wide 21:9 movie format that cinemas use as well as some projectors. Here comes the successor called 3D Cinema 21:9.

Philips 2010 3D Cinema 21:9
Philips 2010 3D Cinema 21:9

The new 3D Cinema 21:9 supports 3D and builds on the philosophy to provide the “ultimate cinematic viewing experience”, according to Philips. In this quest 3D is an important factor.

Philips will incorporate the same 3D technology that most other flat panel TV manufacturers are using. The 3D system is called frame sequential and provides different pictures for the left and right eye in Full HD resolution. The 3D effect requires active 3D shutter glasses.

Philips 2010 3D Cinema 21:9
Philips 2010 3D Cinema 21:9

The new Cinema model will be a part of the 9000 series. This means that it will incorporate a LED backlight together with LED Pro local dimming. The TV will also feature a 400 Hz circuit to improve motion.

3D Cinema 21:9 presentation

Check out the video below where the 3D Cinema 21:9 is unveiled to the world for the first time ever.

The TV also has a new design and a glass bezel.

Of course Abilight is an important addition with any Philips TV set and the new 21:9 TV will integrate the Ambilight Spectre 3 that extends the mood from the movie to the backwall.

Philips 2010 3D Cinema 21:9
Philips 2010 3D Cinema 21:9

5 Cinema 21:9 short films

Ridley Scott and YouTube will be helping Philips with the 3D Cinema 21:9. Ridley Scott has agreed to produce 5 short films in the 21:9 format to show consumers what it’s all about.

YouTube has also changed to the 21:9 format for the first time ever to playback the 5 new short films the way they are intended to be displayed.

Philips 3D Cinema 21:9 will be available summer 2010. The price has not been revealed. We keep you updated with more information.

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