Samsung transparent 19-inch OLED
Samsung demonstrates 19-inch transparent OLED

25 May 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

On the SID 2010 exhibition in Seattle, Samsung has demonstrated a 19-inch large OLED screen. 19 inches sounds just about right for OLED in PC monitors, but the OLED panel is unique because of a different reason. It is transparent.

Transparent 19-inch OLED

The SID exhibition is often used to demonstrate new technology and innovation and we will probably hear more form SID in the coming days.

Transparent 19” OLED
Transparent 19” OLED

Samsung is the first manufacturer to exhibit something really cool on SID. Samsung has demonstrates 19-inch OLED panel that is transparent. According to Samsung the panel has a 30 % transparency which is enough to look directly through the panel.

Transparent 19” OLED
Transparent 19” OLED

Samsung is planning to use the technology in notebooks, windshield mirrors in cars and for advertising in department stores.

Samsung recently exhibited a 14-inch notebook with a transparent OLED panel. Samsung is also planning to release a 42-inch OLED-TV in 2011.


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