Toshiba F1 with Jacob Jensen design
Toshiba unveils F1 TV with Jacob Jensen design

31 Aug 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

Here's a pleasant surprise. Toshiba has teamed up with Danish design icon Jacob Jensen for their new F1 range of 3D flat panel TVs. Jacob Jensen has created a minimalist design that is extremely thin. Toshiba F1 has officially been announced on IFA 2010 in Berlin.

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Jacob Jensen has designed Toshiba F1

Danish Design is generally considered to be functional, simple and very appealing to the eye. The Danish design house Jacob Jensen (known for the 510 and 520 watches, telephones and other early Band & Olufsen designs) has joined forces with Japanese electronics giant Toshiba. Jacob Jensen has designed Toshiba's new F1 flat panel series, featuring a minimalist design in an ultra-thin frame.

Toshiba F1 has been designed by Jacob Jensen
Toshiba F1 has been designed by Jacob Jensen

Toshiba F1 is just 29 mm thin which also makes it one of the slimmest TVs today. It has been designed to signal simplicity and therefore it rely on sharp, well defined lines.

Th F1 range has a 3D panel with 200/240 Hz. The panel uses an LED backlight (probably Edge LED) and Toshiba says that they have achieved a dynamic contrast ratio of 2.000.000:1. F1 has built-in Internet, DLNA and four HDMI inputs. It also supports 2D-to-3D conversion.

Finally, Toshiba mentions a USB port for connecting a USB hard drive. This enables USB recording of TV-content and Time Shift functionality that allows the user to put live TV-transmissions on pause.

Toshiba F1 has been designed by Jacob Jensen
Toshiba F1 has been designed by Jacob Jensen

Energy-friendly TV

Toshiba says that they have managed to lower energy consumption significantly with F1 (because of the Edge LED backlight). The 46 inch version consumes just 160 W, which - according to Toshiba - makes it the most energy-efficient 3DTV today.

Toshiba says that they have ramped up production of flat panel TVs aggressively. Toshiba has a goal to sell 12 million LCD-TVs in this financial year. This is a 50% increase compared to Toshiba's current sales. Toshiba sees USA and Europe as potential growth markets.

Prices and date

Toshiba F1 will be available in Europe, the US and Asia from October 2010 in 46 and 55 inches called 46F1 and 55F1. The Asian prices – converted to US prices - are 3760 USD and 4900 USD, respectively.

FlatpanelsHD will be on the IFA 2010 floors in the coming days so expect more pictures of this new Jacob Jensen-designed flat panel TV. And look forward to more information.

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